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Are you not sleeping well because of all the COVID talk? In this case here are 7 tricks that will make you overcome COVID anxiety and improve your sleeping habits. Sleeping well is a must for everyone or it could lead to other health complications. So, read on to know how you can sleep better during these troubled times.

Do Some Journaling & Fear Setting

Writing your thoughts on paper could help you a lot. After all, this is a good habit to develop. The purpose and matter of what you fill in a journal are up to you. You can write about your days, flash out ideas and thoughts, try your hand at creative writing or anything you like. Keeping a journal in time will improve your writing skills. It will inspire you to get creative and brainstorm for ideas. Furthermore not to mention stay organised, which leads to lesser stress. Journaling can even give you some time to yourself allowing you to reflect on thoughts, evaluate your goals and even allows you to discover ways to achieve them. There is no one point bad of journalling to not do it.

Whereas, while you’re trying your hand at journaling make sure to make your ‘Fear Setting’ checklist. In this list, you write your fears and what will be the possible results of action or inaction. Making this list is important because these are the things in most cases which hold you back from your success or happiness. This is a 3-page setting where each page will be as follows:

Page 1

Make three lists settings on your page. Each list should be as define, prevent and repair respectively. Define would be a list of the things which could happen. Prevent would be what would be ways to stop these things from happening. Lastly, repair is if the said thing happens how do you tackle it?

Page 2

This page should have a list of if you are successful in overcoming these fears what are your benefits. Basically, what is the good coming out from the bad?

Page 3

This is the page where you will be writing about all the things you will be missing out on if you don’t tend to these fears.

Journal: Santhome Classic Lined Notebook

A hardcover and softcover large 192 pages notebook for your journalling purpose. With a ribbon bookmark for your pages and a pocket to store your paper notes and cards. The quality of this ruled notebook is such that it can survive damage from the light and air and last a long time. This journal is available for only around AED 20.

Workout at Home

There is already extensive research and proof on the topic of how sleep can be improved with the help of exercise. It’s not confirmed how it helps but it does. Not only does it help sleep but improves your mood and frees your mind. And for sleep, time at which you exercise matters. Working out releases endorphins. Which creates activity in the brain and can keep you awake. Hence working out 1-2 hours before your bedtime is a no-no. In other cases, exercise raises your core temperature which signals your body to wake-up, much like taking a hot shower. Therefore, when depends on what works for you and your body. Studies show you must work out a minimum of 30 minutes to see its effects.

Under Desk Cycling: Max Strength Pedal Exerciser

If you have no time to exercise then this exercise pedal can help you to strengthen your arms and leg muscles. It comprises of an LCD monitor to enable you to keep track of RPM (Rotation per minute), counting, exercise time and calories burned. You can customise the workout experience according to your needs. Right from the speed to the intensity levels. All this while you sit and perform your work side by side. Get this for approximately AED 690.

Imagine Happiness

Then there are times when doing everything still doesn’t help. So, this is when your imagination can. As you lay in bed, think of your happy place. Be it by the ocean, mountains or even a vacation trip. Or just recollecting a happy moment with its details can help you sleep soundly. Or if you feel creative, come up with a story of your own. This will surely do the trick.

Get Good Sleep Gear

Getting yourself in a comfortable position can help you sleep. But finding that position can be hard. Especially if you do not have comfortable sleeping gear. Good sleeping gear like your pillow, mattress, the ambience of your room all this matters in terms of the quality of sleep you get.

Pillow: NOVIMED Medical Orthopedic Pillow

An orthopaedic pillow is specially designed to support your neck, head and shoulders which helps to relieve pain and stiffness. Furthermore, the usage of memory foam and hight difference on either side of the pillow allows the best curvature for your neck to match with your natural spinal curves. This pillow is available for around AED 310.

Eye Mask: Shore Mall Sleep Mask

The design of this eye mask is such that they allow you comfort with the 3D design. Fitting easily over your eyes and adjusts well over your nostrils. And you will not even feel the weight of the mask on you. To add to that you even get earplugs with this product. Versatile, soft and comfortable enough too open and close your eyes while wearing it. All you would have to pay is around AED 35.

Blackout Curtains: THS Blackout Bedroom Curtains

Perfect for your bedroom windows. And can fit any door or window with a size of 135 x 200 cms. You name it does it. Right form noise reduction to keeping the heat/ cold out, to effectively darkening the room. Since it is polyester it is long-lasting and also will fit in with your furniture well. Therefore these curtains will cost you around AED 95.

Stress Relieving Before you Sleep

Relieving any tension and stress can help you overcome your COVID anxiety and help you with sleeping better. What better way then to relax with a massager. Leave all your stress behind and loosen up a bit with these products.

Foot Massager: iRest Foot and Calf Massager

Best for those busy days when you can’t go out for a walk sit in and use this. As it gives you the feels of your walk. It vibrates just enough to relax both your feet and your calves. With this product, you can get rid of all your foot pain to allow you to sleep like a baby. Moreover what’s the best part is that it is available for almost only AED 700.

Foot Spa: Beurer FB 50 Foot Spa

With this foot spa, you can choose and use various modes and relax to fall asleep. Modes like bubble massage, infrared light, water heating and many more. Furthermore, add and use various attachment such as pedicure attachment making it perfect for an in-house pedicure. Moreover using this device will promote wellbeing and circulation of blood in the body. All this for just AED 650.

Sleep Environment

Your environment plays an important role in how long and how well you sleep. Besides controlling the light and the gear to sleep. The way the temperature is in the room can affect your sleep. And with temperature comes the quality of air in the room as well. If it feels too hot and stuffy you definitely will not sleep.

Air Purifier: Dyson Purifier Fan

This Dyson air purifier can purify and circulated 290 litres for clean air into a room per second. Just simply place it any room on the floor and have pure air to breathe in any part of the room. More because it rotates. What else, you can even get notified of the quality of air in the room right on the LCD display. It even notifies you about when the filter needs to be changed making it a smart device for you. And it is available for around AED 2300.

You can even check out more of the best purifiers in UAE right here.

Essential Oil Diffuser: Innoo Tech Essential Oil Diffuser

An oil diffuser of 500ml water tank to add a natural fragrance into the air. As it has a 2 in 1 functionality of a humidifier and for your aromatherapy, which can help with headache, stuffy nose and improving sleep. It works super quietly to add moisture to your air. Just add your favourite essential oil and overcome your COVID anxiety which will help you in sleeping better. The LED diffuser is available for around AED 140.

Nutrition Supplements

When your brain has excess activity is when you can’t relax and fall asleep. In such cases, if natural ways don’t help, the consumption of a few herbs and nutrition supplement has to do the trick. There are plenty of herbs and supplements which can help you with your insomnia. Like Shankhpushpi, Brahmi or Bacopa and Valerian roots for herbs and melatonin as a hormone supplement All which relaxes the mind and soothes you into a sound sleep.

Melatonin: Natrol Melatonin

To help your body sleep faster and longer this dietary supplement works wonders. This unit has 60 tablets each of 10 mg. All these tablets do is it trigger your body to produce melatonin. Which is a signal to your body that its time to sleep. Get these supplements for around AED 115.

Valerian Root: California Gold Nutrition

Another food supplement especially to promote healthy sleep. Furthermore, they are totally vegetarian and will cause little to no allergic reaction. These capsules are of 500 mg and you have 60 tablets in the pack. The cost of this food supplement is AED 115.

If you want to be more health-conscious then here are a few Ayurvedic Supplements to help you overcome your COVID anxiety and induce sleeping better.

Brahmi: Organic India Brahmi

A pack of 90 capsules made with organic ingredients. Best for your nervous system to calm your nerve and mind. Which can help you sleep. It helps you with your memory as well as stress management. These supplements are best for women. All you have to spend on this supplement is AED 90.

Shankhpushpi: Herbal Hills Shankhpushpi

This supplement considered good to calm the mind and helps you with stress as well as anxiety. It also is a good memory enhancer. Made up of 120 pills each of 240 mg of Shankhpushpi the whole plant. And the cost of this supplement is around AED 135.

Stay Physically and Mentally Safe!

Worrying about yourself and your loved one during the pandemic is bound to happen. But if you take all the precautionary method you will be safe. Even then some doubts will remain which are bound to trouble you. Therefore following few of the mentioned tricks can help overcome your COVID anxiety and help your sleeping habits. Before the anxiety and lack of sleep takes a toll on your life. So, keep your self safe physically and mentally.

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