6 Pressure Cooker Myths Debunked: Facts Revealed

Are you afraid to use a pressure cooker due to the myths surrounding it? HOLD ON, we have debunked these pressure cooker myths here in this article to help you know that this is not true. Sadly, although a pressure cooker has been around for decades and is widely used, many people are still afraid to use this appliance in many parts of the world. If you or anyone you know dislikes pressure cookers thinking it destroys nutrients or is hazardous then read the facts to know what’s the truth. Let’s dive into the world of pressure cookers where the myths are debunked and the truth and facts are revealed.

6 Pressure Cooker Myths Debunked: Facts Revealed

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Pressure Cooker Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Pressure Cooking Destroys All the Nutrients in Your Food

FACT: This is one of the most-heard myths about a pressure cooker and needs to be debunked. Pressure cooking is way better compared to some traditional methods when it comes to preserving nutrients. When you cook food in a pressure cooker, it needs less water to cook which is why your dish is ready faster. Therefore, pressure cooking offers more nutritional value. On the contrary, when you cook food traditionally, more nutrients get destroyed.

Myth #2: A Pressure Cooker is a Dangerous Pressure Bomb

FACT: New electric pressure cookers don’t pose a danger. In fact, the modern ones are equipped with multiple safety features such as automatic shut-off mechanisms, pressure release valves, and locking lids. Like any other kitchen appliance, using a pressure cooker appropriately won’t cause any harm to you or your family members.

Myth #3: Using a Pressure Cooker is Complicated and Tough to Handle

FACT: The pressure cookers available nowadays are extremely user-friendly. They are also space-saving and lighter compared to older pressure cookers. Depending upon the pressure cooker brand and model, they are equipped with intuitive controls and preset programs. So, you can press the button and choose the option you want without any confusion. You will find it easy to operate just like operating a microwave or a slow cooker. Further, you can look for resources online, as well as, check out cookbooks since they offer various recipes and guide you in the preparation.

Myth #4: Pressure Cooking Results in Bland and Mushy Food

FACT: No no not at all. The food you cook in a pressure cooker doesn’t lose its texture or flavour if you do it the right way. For instance, if you try making risotto in a pressure cooker, you will love the result. The creamy texture is to die for. If you pressure-cook vegetables, you will see how tender they turn. Additionally, you will also achieve that crispy browning in whatever you prepare. No uneven cooking. Try it out and you will know your dishes are so full of flavour.

Myth #5: Pressure Cookers are Ideal Only for Cooking Tough Cuts of Meat

FACT: No doubt, pressure cookers work excellently at transforming stubborn cuts into the most tender pieces. But, if you’ve heard that this is the only thing a pressure cooker is used for then you got the wrong information. It’s not just meat. The versatility of pressure cookers extends far beyond meat. You can enjoy endless possibilities with a pressure cooker right from perfectly steamed vegetables and fluffy rice to fish and mouth-watering creamy desserts.

Myth #6: Pressure Cooking Takes Longer Compared to Traditional Methods

FACT: We won’t deny the fact that the initial pressure build-up takes a few minutes. However, most often, the actual cooking time in a pressure cooker is considerably shorter compared to traditional conventional methods. Thereby, resulting in stress-free and quicker cooking. In fact, you will enjoy your meal with the timely preparation. Say yes to delicious home-cooked food.

Debunking Pressure Cooker Myths

Stress-free Cooking!

Phewww! Finally, we have debunked the common pressure cooker myths for you. So, get your pressure cooker out and start trying out different recipes. If you don’t have one and have made up your mind to buy a new one then consider purchasing the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.

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