6 Health Gadget for Self-Tracking in Dubai

Dubai proudly stands as the cornerstone that upholds millennial and contemporary movement. From arts and high-end vehicles to music and technology, and food to shopping, you name it and Dubai has it. Personal well-being now lies at the forefront. People are becoming increasingly conscious about their lifestyle and habits. This can be seen in the extended average age of death in UAE. The average age of death in UAE in 1960 was 52.26 years. Today, in 2019 the average age of death is 77.26 years. A health gadget for self-tracking now comes dime-a-dozen in Dubai and the rest of UAE. The increasing attention paid on lifestyle and health led to a surge in demand for a health gadget for self-tracking.

What is Self-Tracking?

By definition, self-tracking is the process of recording an activity, event, or happening of your own life. By documenting something about yourself you not only maintain an accurate record but also hold yourself accountable. It can be as simple as penning down whether or not you’ve taken your insulin shots or maintaining a food diary to know how much you have eaten throughout the day. Self-tracking is a method by which you can always take responsibility for your actions. Its allows you to put to rest the blame game and the infamous ‘I forgot’.

As of 2016, sociologist Deborah Lupton claims that there are over 160,000 tracking apps in the app store. Now while their usage and application vary it is clear that the apps help you monitor and regulate a number of habits from the comfort of your home. Now in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), all devices come with online connectivity options for added convenience. As of 2018, there are more than 10 billion IoT devices globally. From reading blood sugar levels and tracking sleeping patterns to breathing fresh air, and observing your weight everything is made simple.

With handles such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you can post regular updates about your progress, interact with experienced community members, and offer advice. This increases motivation levels and improves the likelihood of success at living a healthy life. Some of the health gadgets have their own apps and can be used on IOS and Android platforms. Here are some of the health gadgets for self-tracking that you should consider.

Weighing scale

A weighing scale helps you monitor your current weight. Your ideal body weight is based on your gender, age, lean body mass. You can know a rough estimate of what your weight should be based on these indicators. Technologically savvy weighing scales come with features that provided data on 10 body composition characteristics. This helps you gain a clearer picture of what you need to do, as some scales provide recommendations. Look for a scale that can directly transmit your data to a fitness tracking app.

Wireless glucometer

The health gadget for self-tracking provides a reading of the level of glucose in a person’s blood. To get a reading, you must prick the skin on your finger. The glucose in the blood sample applied reacts with the chemicals in the strip and gives you a reading. A wireless glucometer gives you the flexibility to check levels anywhere you go. This means you can treat yourself on vacation or eat your favourite foods within defined limits. You can use ones from a trusted brand like iHealth that are small and portable. The device is FDA approved and fits into your headphone jack featuring iHealths’ Gluco-Smart app to track your blood sugar readings with your doctor.

Fitness band

Fitness bands, originally meant to promote activity have become a trend lately. The health gadget for self-tracking monitors your heart rate, steps, sleep and makes your health a priority. In addition, they help you set goals and hold yourself accountable for achieving them. The wearable computers come with a variety of trackers. You can select a fitness band with a heart rate monitor that shows you your heart rate while exercising. Conversely, you can select the GPS to know your distance traveled on a jog.

Blood pressure monitor

As the name suggests this health gadget allows you to monitor your blood pressure. Whether you are stuck in traffic or dealing with relationship stress a good monitor is handy to have. The healthy blood pressure level is 120/80. Having the levels too high or too low hamper the amount of oxygen and nutrients pushed around the circulatory system. Blood pressure readings are expressed as the systolic pressure first and the diastolic pressure second. A good way to keep blood pressure levels in check is to keep healthy body weight. Eat more fruits and low-fat dairy along with cutting down on sodium or salt. In addition, add a blood pressure monitor such as the Nokia Wireless BP monitor that offers you automatic synchronization. Your readings appear in the Health Mate app via Bluetooth. You can email them to your doctor along with a comprehensive report.

Brain sensing headband

The wearable headband technology measures your brain activity using EEG (Electroencephalography) sensors. It gets converted into audio feedback that is accessible by the app provided. The band allows you to relax, de-stress and sends you into a meditative state with a number of calming sounds. It allows you to choose if you want sounds or not or monitors your brain activity as you deal with thoughts. If you have never meditated and often find yourself struggling with thoughts, emotions, and anxiety it may be worth to try the brain sensing headband from Muse. Active meditation is known to have many positive health benefits and improve the quality of life as we know it. Amidst the cosmopolitan raging atmosphere, this may be exactly what you need to calm the bustle in your mind.

Air quality purifier

Lastly, this health gadget for self-tracking monitors the air in your home/work space is clean and pollution-free. Geographic patterns, weather conditions, and pollution contribute to air quality. Due to the extreme heat and sandstorms, it can be beneficial to have an air purifier, such as the Mi Air Purifier, in your home. Within 10 short minutes, it purifies the air in a 21 sq.m room. Further, you can connect to the provided app and use your phone as a remote to switch it on. You can program it for any time during the day or night. You can also add the Xiaomi Home Smart Particulate Monitor to detect the air quality around you and your loved ones.

Are you missing out on opportunities by not implementing self-tracking?

When you hold yourself accountable you stop making excuses! Period. By monitoring your daily activities you can schedule every hour of the day and MAKE time for what you previously couldn’t find time for. This could be going to the gym, meditating, reading, learning a new language, or trying out a new hobby. Self-tracking can help you strike a balance between your professional and personal life. Within a short span, you can not only improve your health but even your relationships, habits and behaviours based on your goals.

Live Healthy Live Long

With increasing heart problems among millennial and stress-related lifestyles its important to pay attention to what is at the centre of your well-being. YOUR HEALTH! Living a long, healthy, and happy life is what determines the quality of your days, happiness being key. Take charge of your health and relationships with a health gadget for self-tracking. You will find that you shall rest better, feel refreshed, find more time in your day, and nurture meaningful relationships. Grab whichever health gadget that can improve your lifestyle and get moving. The first step is always the hardest. Like my old gym coach used to say “If you started when you first thought about it, you’d be there by now.”

Technology is making rapid advancements and undoubtedly paves the way for tomorrow. What is important is to understand that technology can make your life simpler but not do everything for you. Dependency is the enemy and not utilization. Supplement your effort with technology and you can take charge of your tomorrow. Allow it to make your decisions and influence your values and you shall remain a slave to it. I implore you to WAKE UP, MAKE A CHANGE, AND KEEP MOVING.

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