6 Gadgets for Getting the Salon Look at Home

Wonder how you can achieve that perfect salon look at home instantly? Apart from the cost involved when visiting a salon, the entire ordeal is very time-consuming. But, it is possible to get that salon look at home. No appointments, booking your preferred hairdresser, or risk missing your appointment as you keep up with your busy life. Between household chores, work, and other social commitments you may find it difficult to make time to go to the salon. Especially, since Dubai is an ever-bustling and active city. Escape the conundrum of choosing a hairdresser that is reasonably priced, well located, and can execute your desired look with precision. Simply, by taking matters into your own hands.

I have taken the liberty- so you don’t have to- and found 6 main gadgets that will help you in getting the perfect salon look at home. It does take a bit of effort of “Do It Yourself” on a personal front but saves you time and money in your personal care routine. It’s great when you have the freedom to work on your appearance at your own time, pace, and convenience. Use this step by step guide to know exactly what you need to get that salon look at home. Whether you are expecting guests at home, or want that salon look for a birthday party or wedding, these tips will help you in achieving the same.


If you are not familiar with epilators you can read the article titled ‘Best Epilator in UAE for Silky Smooth Skin‘. This will help you gain an in-depth understanding of epilators and how they can benefit you. Let’s go in-depth once more to know how they can give us that salon look at home. I would recommend Philips Lumea Prestige IPL-Hair Removal Device as the best hair remover as it offers you all the functions and advanced features at an economical price.

The Face Epilator has been designed to cater to the delicate needs of women. This anti-day stubble remover will do the trick when your stubble decides to crop up once again. Enjoy glowing and hair-free skin with a facial epilator. It is equipped with a slim epilator head that extracts hair from the roots. This, in turn, gives you a hair-free skin in those otherwise difficult to reach spots. Now relax and get your upper lip and tweezing of eyebrows done with a face epilator.

The Body Epilator removes the hair from the root through the spinning of tiny, metallic tweezers. Unlike waxing, this device results in smooth and silky skin. Additionally, this works effectively on underarms too. This soft skin stays that way for at least 2 weeks. Consider this as a hair removal method and get that salon look at home. Say bye to the traditional razors giving you those prickly, rough legs, and waxing that leaves your skin sore.

Epilator for Bikini Line: Going to the salon can be pretty expensive. Epilators are great money-savers and give you results similar to waxing. Unlike waxing you won’t experience redness on your skin. Neither will it leave your skin sore. Many women epilate their bikini line. It’s great for keeping yourself smooth and comes without the redness and irritation. While epilating that area, the fewer tweezers the better, as its a delicate area. Always go for an epilator equipped with 2 speeds. You can either go for full efficiency to get the job done quickly or you can choose the lower speed. The lower speed offers a gentler experience which is less painful.

Hair Dryer

LIfestyle image of a woman using a hair dryer

Consider getting home a hair dryer in UAE. Not just to dry your hair instantly, but also to style it the way you want. Besides this, it can tone-down curls and layers. Thus giving you the perfect salon look at home to your precious hair. Additionally, you will also save on your hard-earned money by investing in a complete home-made salon kit. An important addition is the blow dryer. Blow drying helps to pre-mould your hair into a style. It also plays a major role as it takes the moisture out of your hair. This causes less frizz and creates a natural style. I recommend adding the Philips DryCare Pro Hair Dryer to your home-built salon kit. Keep in mind that excessive blow-drying can leave your hair dry and brittle. Limit usage to once a week for best results so as to not compromise your hairs natural oils.

Hair Straightener

A woman using a hair straightener for the salon look at home

If you’re facing difficulty handling that unmanageable dry and rough hair, then consider buying a hair straightener. Now you can flaunt that silky straight hair as and when you want to. To begin, ensure your hair is not dripping wet after a shower. Simply lather on some hair serum to your hair before you start. Next, towel dry it or use a hair dryer to dry your hair instantly. Now you are set to begin using your hair straighter. This will last you till you wash your hair as it is a temporary straightener.

Make sure that the temperature set is not too high initially. Just “Do It Yourself” within an hour or two. You should keep in mind your hair type, the level of thickness, the quality of the hair straightener and more. It will reduce your efforts, especially visiting the salon, thus saving your expense too. Personally, I feel the Philips Essential Care hair straightener is the best buy in UAE. You can read best hair straightener in UAE for the salon look for more guidance.

Hair Curler for the Salon Look at Home

A woman using a hair curler

Are you bored of going straight-haired all week? Want those bouncy hair locks to flaunt with your summer dress? Consider getting a hair curler home. A curler iron bends your hair using heat, thus giving you those well-defined curls that you desire. That too, within a few minutes. With increased flexibility and multiple heat settings, you can curl your hair the way you want to. Whether you desire long spirals, sharp permed hair or loose curls, everything is possible by spending a little time with your curler.

Curl about 10 sections of hair at a time for the best results, instead of curling the whole bunch. Purchasing the right hair curler that suits your hair type will save you precious time and money. I would recommend adding the Remington Pro Spiral hair curler to your beauty salon kit. Don’t forget to use a hair protector spray before curling your hair. This will protect your hair from damage due to high heat. Using the hair curler on a regular basis is not at all good for your hair. It will take away the natural oil and make your hair feel dull and lifeless.

Face Massager & Cleaner

Personally, I feel the best part of a facial or skin treatment is a face massage. It is relaxing and makes your skin feel healthy, happy and strong. Dermatologists have stated many benefits to frequent facial massages and exfoliation. Now, the point is getting a face massager home. Having your own face massager is way better than the ones in salons for personal hygiene purposes.

Face Massager in UAE for the salon look at home

After careful consideration, I personally recommend the 5 in 1 Electric Facial Washing Brush Cleaning Machine to be the face massager of choice. This is because it offers you 5 distinct functions at an affordable price. Save your valuable time by getting salon ready at home. Get an effective clean and scrub with this 360 degree rotating the facial brush. It comes with 5 different heads to meet all your needs and is suitable for all skin types. The Cosmetic Sponge cleanses the face to prepare it for nourishing and moisturizing. The Soft Brush exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin. The Pumice gently exfoliates, polishes and smooths rough callus skin under your foot and elbow.

Special Mention: Beauty Kit

Beauty kit for the salon look at home

This all in one unisex beauty kit is a must for getting the perfect salon look at home. It consists of a face massager, epilator, ladies shaver for trimming, skin cleanser and foot callus removal device. The epilator in this kit safely removes hair. Using this appliance is safe and you cannot get cut as the hair roots are pulled out. In the process, the epilator makes your skin silky and smooth. This comprehensive beauty kit is suitable for use on your arms, legs, underarms, and bikini line.

The callus remover quickly and easily removes dead skin and rough feet cocoon, exposing the soft skin. Besides this, the lady shaver safely trims the bikini area, underarms, legs, and arms. Next, the skin cleansing brush exfoliates dead skin cells and effectively cleans your pores. It also removes blackheads and acne, etc. The face massager can be used to massage every part of your body. It promotes blood circulation, removes wrinkles, and more.

Immerse Yourself with the Ultimate Salon Experience

Now you have a clearer idea of what all these masterpieces can do and how they can give you that salon look in a few minutes or hours. Go ahead and assemble your personal salon kit at home. You just need electricity, the right equipment and a pair of hands to work with. No unnecessary stress of missing an appointment with the hairdresser or driving all the way to the salon. In fact, the best part about having all this equipment home is you don’t have to worry about how many customers it is used on.

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