5 Innovations that have made Vacuum Cleaners Better

Gone are those troublesome days when vacuum cleaners would suck in all the dirty air and blow it directly into the bag. Fortunately, 5 innovations have made vacuum cleaners better in numerous ways. We have invested 48+ hours to research and put forth all these innovations in order to keep you well informed about their contribution in making vacuum cleaners better in terms of performance, convenience, feasibility, and ease of use. Without further ado, let’s dive into the 5 incredible and life-saving innovations which include Cyclone Technology, Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, Light-Weight Motors, Robotics and HEPA Filtration.

5 Innovations that have made Vacuum Cleaners Better

Problem Associated with Old Generation Vacuum Cleaners

Before we proceed to the 5 innovations that have made vacuum cleaners better, let’s take a look at the main issue/problem associated with vacuum cleaners of the past. The issue with the old-style vacuum cleaners is that the bag catches the dirt but the relatively clean or /dusty air drifts back into the room. Also, the longer you would use the vacuum, the more the bag fills up. Thus, as the bag fills up, the amount of empty air which it can hold decreases. This, in turn, gradually diminishes its ability to suck in more dirt. Also, emptying the bag is a real nuisance as the dust spreads everywhere. On the other hand, the more you delay emptying your vacuum cleaner, the worse it gets for you. With this, let’s begin reading through the 5 innovations that made vacuum cleaners better.

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Cyclone Technology

One of the 5 innovations that have contributed to making vacuum cleaners better is Cyclone Technology. To tackle this difficulty, the cyclonic technology was designed to do away with the bag with the help of the cyclonic air filtering device. This cyclonic technology could keep anything filled with dust clean. Through this technology, the cyclonic air filtering device makes use of a powerful fan to suck in the dusty air and spin it around at a high speed like a centrifuge. An effective way to separate the dust out of the air is to spin the dusty air.

So, let’s see how the cyclone technology improves a vacuum cleaner. The air flows through a typical multiple cyclone vacuum cleaner. Firstly, air enters through the brush bar at the bottom. To make it more clear to you, the air enters the first stage tangentially. That is perpendicular to the cylindrical dirt bin. Then, it spins around the cyclone in the middle. Now, what happens to the dirt particles? Well, the dirt particles swirl to the edge and fall downward. They get collected at the bottom while the air is drawn up through the holes in the cyclone itself. The air that’s not fully clean but somewhat clean passes into the second stage (upper stage).

In the second stage, a similar process occurs only with a number of smaller cyclones that eliminate the dust particles that are much finer. On the other hand, the relatively clean air passes through a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter doesn’t really hold back the flow of air through the machine as most of the dirt was already removed. After passing through a second HEPA filter, the air blows back into the room.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

In this fast-paced culture, who would want to want to use a vacuum cleaner where the power cable needs to be unwound and wound. Also, nobody would want to pull the device along and unravel the cord when it gets tangled around objects and furniture in your home. And of course, you will need a power outlet at every corner of your home or restaurant as the cable is not so long to cover every spot. That’s when this amazing innovation of cordless vacuum cleaners have done a great job in making vacuum cleaners better.

As a matter of fact, cordless vacuum cleaners/battery-powered vacuum cleaners save time. And, they also boost productivity by up to 50%. Besides this, cordless vacuum cleaners can complete spot cleaning significantly quicker without any set-up time. Spot cleaning is the removal of obvious dirt and individual dirt. Another benefit of the cordless vacuum cleaner is that they don’t have power cables. So, you won’t have to bother about the maintenance and servicing.

Light-Weight Motors

Small, light, clean yet incredibly powerful. These light-weight motors are a fantastic innovation that makes the vacuum cleaners perform better and offer better results. In most cases, the pioneering technology powers these motors of these machines. A new type of brushless, digital motor was invented and since it was very powerful it was used to invent the first cordless stick vacuum. The latest Dyson Hyperdimium motor powers the Dyson V11 vacuums. Thus, delivering the most powerful cordless suction ever.

These hyperdimium motors work very differently in comparison to conventional brushed motors. This is because digital pulse technology was used to replace the brush, and they made use of neodymium magnets. And also built a ceramic shaft that is three times stronger than steel. This improves the motors by making them durable and powerful by innovating new technologies they are making the products to work better and offer better performance. Thereby making them lighter, smaller and cleaner than ever before. As a matter of fact, these new motors are the core of the new technology and run at speeds of up to 1,25,000 rpm.


If you want your house spick and span without you struggling and putting in the effort, then the robotic vacuum cleaner is what you need. Yes, robotics is one of the 5 innovations that have made life easier. You can save time in your busy schedule. Vacuum cleaners have come a long way. You don’t even have to get off your couch. Also, you don’t have to suffer by dragging around that heavy appliance. This amazing innovation of robotics helps the vacuum cleaners dispose of pet hair, dust, and other debris in your home. You don’t even have to lift your finger to make it work.

Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaner models, robotic vacuum cleaners are intelligent. These vacuums are equipped with motherboards, WiFi, sensors and even lasers to navigate around your home without the need for assistance. Moreover, you barely need to interact with them or give them instructions. Robotic vacuum cleaners can also charge themselves as they come with charging docks. Besides this, you can also set schedules for the bots to wake up and begin cleaning. Thus, it can clean the house even if you are not at home as the task has already been assigned to it.

Further, these vacuum cleaners don’t use bags to hold the hair, dust and debris which they suck. That is because they use an easy to remove dustbin. Hence, all you need to do is eject it and empty it into the nearest garbage can. Thus, you see a robotic vacuum cleaner can save you hours every week depending upon the size of your home. They are fairly compact and therefore they don’t occupy much space. Also, they go beneath couches and tables, you don’t even have to rearrange the furniture. They won’t bump into anything as the memory banks note where the furniture is placed.

HEPA Filtration

Now, let’s move to the end of the list of the 5 innovations that have made vacuum cleaners better. Yes, the last one, for now, is the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration. As mentioned above, the traditional vacuum cleaners make use of the bag as a filter medium. If you ever notice dust on your vacuum cleaner after using it that means it releases dust, mold and mites back into the air after removing them from the carpet. This leads to asthma, allergies and other potential health problems. So, the HEPA filter came into action to curb this practice. HEPA filtration is one of the best filtering methods for vacuum cleaners. It’s designed in such a way that it can trap a minimum of 99.97% of particulates i.e 0.3 microns or larger than that.

Innovations that improved Vacuum Cleaners

What a Relief!

Phew, what a relief. Indeed, these 5 innovations have made vacuum cleaners way better. They have helped us save time, effort, offer ease of use, convenience and also perform much better. We hope you enjoyed reading through this article. Before we wind up, we would like to show you some of the best vacuum cleaners available in UAE. Don’t miss out on top brands such as Black+Decker, Dyson, Roborock, Karcher and more.

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