40 Amazon Prime Day UAE Hidden Deals that You Can’t Miss

Amazon UAE is celebrating the world-wide event Prime day for the first time. And, its raining deals all over the site. The prime day deals on smartphones and TVs are on the front page of all newspapers, but here are 40 choicest deals that nobody is talking about. Go, grab them.

Prime Day 2019 is Over, Deals may have Changed
Prime Day 2019, the first one in UAE, was on 15th and 16th July 2019. This event is now over and the deals mentioned in the page may have changed back to the original prices.

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Air Fryer
Vacuum Cleaner
Coffee Machine
Pressure Washer
Exercise Bike
Trolley Luggage
Washing Machine
Garment Steamer
Steam Iron
Air Humidifer
Recliner Chair
Portable SSD drive
Video Doorbell
Bose Soundbar
DSLR Camera
Gaming Headset
Electric Skateboard
Kick Scooter
Playstation VR Headset
Cordless Shaver
Wireless Headphones
Playstation 4
Bluetooth Headphones
GoPro Camera
Baby Monitor
Body Groomer
Stroller + Car Seat
Baby Car Seat
Roomba Vacuum Cleaner
Foot Massager
Hair Styler
BB-8 Kids Toy

Air Fryer Prime Day Deal (50% Off)

Black + Decker AeroFry Digital AirFryer
Top rated air fryer by Amazon
4 Litre capacity perfect for a family of four
Get your fried food fix, but the healthy way
Produces the crispiness of fried food with 10% of the oil usage
Grab the 50% Off Deal here >

Bose Soundbar Prime Day Deal (27% off)

bose soundbarBose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar
Bluetooth, Wifi and NFC enabled sound bar for premium quality sound with your TV.
Supports your favourite music streaming services like Prime Music, Spotify etc.
Full control with powerful remote or the SoundTouch App on your phone
Grab the 27% off Deal here

Bluetooth Headphones Prime Day Deal (67% Off)

bluetooth headphoneJabra Sport Pace Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones
High quality sound in your ears, without the hassle of chords.
Rapid Charging – Get 60 mins of playtime on only 15 min charge
Plan your sports training with Tempo task feature
Ergonomically designed, lightweight, comfortable and secure in your ears.
Grab the 67% off Deal here

Lego Set Prime Day Deal (16% Off)

Lego Classic Creative Brick Set
An imaginative world for kids (both boys and girls).
Classic bricks in 29 different colours.
Special pieces including doors, windows, wheels, eyes and propellers.
Equipped with an instruction set with some ideas to keep you going.
Get young minds into play to increase their concentration power.
Grab the 16% off Deal here

Pressure Washer Prime Day Deal (53% Off)

Black+Decker Pressure Washer
Ideal for home and outdoor use with 1300W power consumption.
Useful in cleaning bikes, cars, patios and garden furniture.
It is compact, hence easy to store.
Lightweight making it easy to move.
Grab the 53% off Deal here

Exercise Bike Prime Day Deal (38% Off)

Skyland Mini Exercise Bike
Creatively designed equipment for abs exercise.
Suitable for upper and lower body exercise.
Specially created for arms and legs exercises.
Enables you to multitask while playing computer games, watching TV, and more.
Grab the 38% off Deal here

Gaming Headset Prime Day Deal (26% Off)

Gaming Headset for Electronic Games
It is an optimized headset for full compatibility with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 260 and Mac.
Equipped with a unique Y shaped design that provides outstanding comfort.
It has large, ultra-soft ear pads and effective passive violation.
Crystal-clear audio provided with the True 50mm drivers.
Both the mic and chat volume can be set separately.
Multifunctional controller enabling you to adjust the audio level of the game and voices independently.
Grab the 26% off Deal here

Washing Machine Prime Day Deal (25% Off)

Bosch Front Loading Washing Machine
VarioPerfect ensures top wash results for all types of fabric and every load. This feature enables the washing of clothes more efficiently and quickly.
With the SpeedPerfect feature, you can set most programs to be quicker and more efficient.
The EcoPerfect feature enables it to reduce time up by up to 65% or energy by up to 50%.
The ActiveWater feature saves water.
The Allergy Plus Quality Seal is specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers.
Grab the 25% Deal today

Garment Steamer Prime Day Deal (30% Off)

Tefal Hand Garment Steamer
This is a highly convenient handheld steamer with no need for an ironing board. It is suitable for use on all varieties of garments.
Cast aluminium heating plate with ceramic coating and 1600W power.
Ready to use in just 40 seconds due to continuous steam on demand.
It is perfect for last-minute steam sessions, thus no condensation.
Equipped with smart accessories such as fabric brush, steam bonnet, and door hook.
Easily accessible.
Grab the 30% Deal today

Baby Car Seat Prime Day Deal (39% Off)

Babyauto Baby Car Seat
Suitable for toddlers and kids till 12 years of age and 36 kgs of weight.
It offers 4 reclining positions for the perfect travelling positions.
Enables you to adjust up to 4 positions to adjust the headrest of the seat to the ideal height of the child.
Double Isofix connectors that anchor rearward facing and forward facing.
Better protection offered as the headrest with EPS backing works as energy-absorbing padding.
Grab the 39% Deal today

Cordless Shaver Prime Day Deal (32% Off)

Moser Cordless Shaver
This cordless shaver serves you up to 45 minutes of cordless runtime.
This cordless operator has a cutting system with a round, ground and polished cutter.
It removes any stubble for an ultra smooth finish.
It is equipped with an LED charging indicator and easy plugin system.
Grab the 32% Deal today

Air Humidifier Prime Day Deal (21% Off)

Black+Decker Air Humidifier
This Black+Decker air humidifier will instantly distribute humidity throughout the room.
It requires negligible maintenance. Maintain a healthy humidity level in your home with this air humidifier.
This appliance makes use of a filter that helps in the removal of impurities from the water in order to generate clean mist.
Ergonomically designed and features a water level viewer that helps you to view the level of water left in the reservoir.
Easy portable as it has a carrying handle that offers you a convenient way of carrying it from one room to another.
Grab the 21% off Deal today

DSLR Camera Prime Day Deal (49% Off)

Nikon D500 DSLR Camera Body 
Amazing picture quality that will blow your mind.
This camera is equipped with a 20.9MP CMOS sensor that captures images with vivid details.
This enables all your shots to retain the colour and texture, thus keeping them real.
Thanks to the 4K UHD video recording, this DSLR camera allows you to click videos in sharp, cinematic clarity.
This DSLR has the ability to produce excellent quality images that remain constant even in extremely low light conditions.
The SnapBridge functionality allows you to connect to your computer/laptop with extreme ease using various built-in connectivity options.
Grab the 49% off Deal today

Portable SSD Drive Prime Day Deal (63% Off)

Sandisk 250GB Portable SSD Drive
It offers you high-speed storage for high-resolution images, videos and files.
Up to 4x the speed of an external hard drive.
Rugged durable design with shock resistant.
SanDisk Secure Access software encrypts private files.
Grab the 63% off Deal today

Fitbit Prime Day Deal (23% Off)

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker
This fitness tracker is built swim-proof and water resistant to 50M.
It automatically tracks swim workouts and can be worn in the shower, pool and more.
Battery life up to 7 days.
Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker automatically recognises exercises like runs, swims, elliptical, sports and more and records them for you in the Fitbit app.
Get a better understanding of your sleep quality and set a sleep schedule with bedtime reminders to actively work toward a consistent routine.
Grab the 23% off Deal here

Smart Watch Prime Day Deal (31% Off)

Polar Sports Smart Watch
This measures the heart rate from the wrist with 6 LED solutions.
It is water resistant and tracks activity and sleep 24/7.
Comes with vibrating alerts and smart notifications making it runner friendly.
Equipped with enhanced training features, including Polar Fitness Test, personalised Running Programme and Running Index via Bluetooth.
Grab the 31% off Deal here

Coffee Machine Prime Day Deal (50% Off)

Krups Espresso Coffee Machine
Equipped with a compact thermoblock for rapid preheating within 40 seconds.
It has an electronic temperature regulation for the ideal temperature from the first cup.
15-bar pump pressure for improved flavour extraction, hence no bitterness.
Steam nozzle to prepare creamy cappuccinos.
Grab the 50% off Deal today

Video Doorbell Prime Day Deal (24% Off)

Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
Enables you to see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.
It monitors your home in HD video with infrared night vision.
Allows you to check-in on your property at any time with Live View on-demand video.
It works on any home that is with/without doorbell wires.
Grab the 24% off Deal today

Recliner Chair Prime Day Deal (46% Off)

Bristole Recliner Chair
This Recliner Chair is made of fabric with a plywood frame.
It has a manual steel recliner mechanism.
The weight of this product is 32kg.
The dimensions are 85 cm depth, 99 cm height and 78 cm width.
Grab the 46% off Deal here

Trolly Luggage Set 4 Pcs Prime Day Deal (29% Off)

New Travel Trolley Luggage Set 4pcs
This is a set of 4 pieces including a beauty case.
Sizes available are large, medium, small, cabin luggage trollies and ladies beauty case.
It is lightweight and easy to carry.
Durable which makes it long lasting.
Multi-directional muted wheels.
Grab the 29% off Deal here

Electric Skateboard Prime Day Deal (33% Off)

Razor Electric Skateboard
This unisex electric skateboard cruiser is recommended for kids of 8 years of age and above.
It is lithium-ion powered.
This skateboard is equipped with an electrifying kick, putting the control of a 125-watt, geared motor in the palm of your hand and under your feet.
The reverse kingpin trucks deliver a smooth, responsive ride, while perforated grip tape and ground-gripping urethane wheels keep you firmly in control of your board.
Grab the 33% off Deal today

Kick Scooter for Kids Prime Day Deal (35% Off)

Y Volution Kick Scooter for Kids 
It has adjustable steering and arc-folding handlebars.
Arc-folding design for easy storage and portability.
Rubber polycarbonate deck for grip and stability.
Learn, grow, pro steering system.
Equipped with ergonomic handlebars with the accessory port.
Grab the 3% off Deal today

Playstation VR Headset Prime Day Deal (44% Off)

Sony Playstation 4 VR Headset
This set contains a VR headset, VR camera and VR games.
The 3 games included are VR Worlds, Rigs and Until Dawn.
Grab the 44% off Deal today

Hair Styler Prime Day Deal (60% Off)

Braun Satin Hair Styler
This Braun Satin Hair Airstyler lets you choose between various hairstyles according to your mood and attire.
You can give your hair that much-needed volume that is just a style and dry away.
The ceramic coating protects your hair from damage and distributes heat evenly to form natural curls or waves faster.
You can go for soft and natural looking curls or try on a slick, modern look with flicks.
Grab the 60% off Deal today

Steam Iron Prime Day Deal (22% Off)

Black+Decker Steam Iron 
This steam iron has 99 steam holes for excellent steam and ironing efficiency.
The 380ml water storage tank allows you to store sufficient water for steam ironing of a large number of clothes.
The 2.13m long power cord of this iron ensures that you can use maximum space to iron your clothes conveniently.
The ceramic coated soleplate makes sure that your clothes are not damaged during the ironing activity.
Grab the 22% off Deal today

Wireless Headphones Prime Day Deal (33% Off)

Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
It is equipped with a quick attention mode. Cover the right ear cup to turn down your music for instant, easy conversation.
Smart listening adjusts the ambient sound to your activity to give you the best noise cancellation.
The touch controls control the music tracks and volume, activate your voice assistant and take phone calls.
Grab the 33% off Deal today

Vacuum Cleaner Prime Day Deal (25% off)

Black+Decker Stick Vacuum Cleaner
The vacuum offers you powerful airflow to clean those tough spots. 
It comes with an easy to empty tray and washable bowl.
Cordless cleaning makes it easy and fun without the worry of getting caught by furniture. 
Grab the 25% deal today. 

Refrigerator Prime Day Deal (29% Off)

Nikia 800L Refrigerator
The stainless steel double-door fridge has temperature stability control and fan motor speed control. 
It comes with a high brightness LED, ideal for midnight snacking. 
Highly efficient defrosting. 
800L capacity makes it capable of storing large quantities of food while keeping it fresh. 
Grab the 29% deal today.

GoPro Action Camera Prime Day Deal (17% Off)

GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera
The camera comes with in-built video stabilization.
Comes in a white colour that stands out along with its sporty design.
1440p HD video recording.
Great for action and adventure sports with a high frame rate.
Grab the 17% deal today

Digital Baby Monitor Prime Day Deal (69% Off)

Motorola Digital Baby Monitor
The monitor sports a 2.4-inch colour LCD screen. 
The parent unit features a touchless thermometer.
The monitor features two-way communication and offers pan and tilt abilities.
It comes with a 520-foot range with out of range alert.
Grab the 69% deal today 

Body Groomer for Men Prime Day Deal (32% Off)

Philips Body Groomer for Men
The trimmer offers you unique skin protection.
The bi-directional trimmer allows you to neatly crop hair in difficult to reach regions.
Easy to use and comes with a battery (pencil cell).
Grab this 32% deal today

Chicoo Stroller + Car Seat Prime Day Deal (54% Off)

Viaro Chicco Travel System
The stroller + car seat travel system is convenient and can be folded with one hand.
The system weighs less than 8kgs. 
3 wheel design makes the stroller easy to manoeuvre.
Comes with an ultra-light frame.
Grab the 54% deal today 

Roomba Vacuum Prime Day Deal (10% Off)

iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum
The fully automated machine cleans by itself and even cleans itself.
It learns maps and adapts its cleaning pattern according to the structure of your home.
Control cleaning of rooms with voice command or use the iRobot HOME App. 
Grab the 10% deal today 

Foot Massager Prime Day Deal (43% Off)

Skyland Foot Massager
This air pressure foot massager is both comfortable and easy to use.
It covers all the acupuncture points on your feet to give you the best experience.
You can let the machine work on auto mode or take manual control to craft your own massage session.
Grab the 43% deal today

Playstation 4 Prime Day Deal (25% Off)

Sony Playstation 4 1TB Console
One DUALSHOCK 4 controller
1TB capacity storage
The PS4 comes with a mono headset and HDMI cable connectivity.
Grab the 25% deal today

Microwave Oven Prime Day Deal (22% Off)

Daewoo Microwave Oven
Offers you digital control 
37L tank is capable of heating food for multiple people.
Compact and sits easy on your kitchen counter.
Grab this 22% deal today 

Loreal Lipsticks Prime Day Deal (60% Off)

L’Oreal Paris Red Cherry Lipstick
A bold colour from L’Oreal featuring a moisturising matte lipstick.
Increased pigment and moisture.
Enriched with Camellia Oil.
Grab the 60% deal today

Star Wars Toy for Kids Prime Day Deal (60% Off)

Orbotix BB-8 Sphero Star Wars Toys for Kids
BB-8 droid with realistic movements that are as authentic as they are advanced.
Fitted with a voice command. Displays a range of expression based on user interaction. 
Autonomous exploration that helps you create and view holographic recordings.
Grab the 60% deal today

Home Theatre Projector Prime Day Deal (24% Off)

Lumens Home Theatre Projector
90% clearer and brighter along with LED technology makes this projector ideal for entertainment purposes
Big-screen cinema display supports HD 1080p for ideal viewing
Comes with 3 screw holes for ceiling mount
Dual fans that are silent that enables better hearing quality
Connects to multimedia outlets via multiple input interfaces PS4/PS4 PRO/Xbox One/Xbox One X and PC/Outer Speaker/U-disk/Hard disk.
Grab the 24% deal today 

Professional Tripod Prime Day Deal (33% Off)

JOBY Gorillapod Professional Tripod
Comes with a flexible grip to secure your camera in any position
Instant set-up with Swiss Acra System
The numbered scale allows you to repeat 360-degree panning. 
Features secondary pan knob
Grab the 33% Deal today 


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