14 Items You Should Never Put in a Washing Machine

Do you experience issues with your washing machine in spite of taking great care of it, if not frequently, then at least occasionally? Most often, it occurs when you toss items into the washer that are not machine washable. Here are 14 items that should never ever go into your washing machine, at least not directly. Just like any other home appliance, even a washing machine has certain dos and don’ts which you need to cater to. This is necessary not only for the safety and long life of your washing machine but also to keep your clothes and other items in shape and the fabric in good condition. Else, you will end up with your clothes and other items either damaged, torn or out of shape.

14 Items You Should Never Put in a Washing Machine

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We wish you a happy laundry every single day, but to make this true, you’ve got to check out all the 14 items that we have penned down for you. Breathe and read through to be well informed.

1. Suits

Firstly, avoid putting your suits in your washing machine. This is due to the fact that most of the suit’s fabrics are of high quality. The fabric tends to not only shrink but also tear in a washing machine even if you select a delicate cycle. Instead, you should dry clean your suits. You can drop off your suits at one of the good dry cleaners around you. Further, ensure you make use of a good quality garment steamer to free your suit from wrinkles. You can do this between your dry cleaner drop-offs.

2. Baby Socks and Small Wash Cloths

As a matter of fact, small or tiny items such as baby socks, baby clothes and small washcloths tend to get stuck in the hoses and vents of washing machines. In order to avoid this, you will need to hand-wash these items. Or, consider putting all your small items in an enclosed mesh wash bag and then place this bag in your washing machine. Not only will the socks and washcloths come out clean but they also won’t get stuck in vents and hoses or be left behind in your washing machine.

3. Running Shoes/Sneakers with Leather

Your running shoes and sneakers containing leather is absolutely not washer-safe. The reason you should not wash anything containing leather accents is because of its tendency to peel off. Instead of putting them in the washing machine, consider using a toothbrush and an anti-grease soap to scrub off the stubborn dirt and stains. That is the best and safest way to remove oily, greasy stains, and dirt.

4. Sweaters

Generally, a sweater is made of materials such as velvet, wool or cashmere. These materials are prone to get ruined in the washing machine. Here’s why. These delicate fabrics can’t stay unaffected or remain undamaged from the harsh motions. Further, they may also turn out smaller or matted. Hence, you need to be mindful. A good option is using a mesh laundry bag. Simply put your sweaters into the mesh laundry bag and place the bag in your washing machine. Here is another great mesh laundry bag option. This will reduce the fabric’s exposure to the amount of friction. Ensure you don’t forget to air dry. If you are doubtful and don’t want to take a risk then you can give it for dry cleaning. Also, check the care instructions.

5. Ties

It may so happen that you spill coffee/tea accidentally on your tie. Or, you may have spilt juice on your tie in the morning as you were in a rush to work. Unfortunately, these things can occur accidentally. DO NOT place your ties into your washing machine because of their detailed stitching and delicate fabrics. All you need to do to clean the tie is to gently hand wash it. Do it with plain water and let it air dry. If the stain doesn’t go then apply a mild soap. However, if your tie requires a deeper cleaning then you can get it dry cleaned.

6. Lace Garments

You very well know how delicate lace is, but you can’t avoid the fact that lace garments look elegant and rich. Since lace is fragile and the net-like patterns are thin, these garments tend to tear off or rip off after machine wash. Don’t blame your washing machine if you get a hole in your lace outfits because that appliance is not meant for it. Instead, it is best to hand wash lace clothes and garments. Ensure you make use of only cold water while hand washing. Secondly, avoid over scrubbing or heavy scrubbing as lace is intricate. Keep it simple and gentle. Also, when it comes to drying lace outfits, put them on a hanger and let them dry. Avoid putting them in the dryer.

7. Clothes Coated with Pet Hair

Do you have pets? Then we are sure that the clothes you wear will be coated with excessive fur. Of course, we are not telling you to stay away from your pets. We are here to give you a solution as to how you can get rid of the pet hair from your garments. First and foremost, don’t toss your clothes directly into the machine. Fur especially when wet can cluster together and stick to the sides of your washing machine. Apart from this, it can also clog the drain pipes or get on the other garments. A better alternative is to make use of a lint roller. This is a perfect tool that will help you remove as much pet hair as possible from your clothes. Once your garments are cleaner, you can then place them into the washing machine.

8. Lingerie

Washing your lingerie especially bras in the washing machine can cause them to become shapeless or twisted quickly. Additionally, if the bra gets unhooked or detached in the washer then the hooks tend to get caught in the cylinder of the washing machine. Further, it can also hinder or be an obstacle to the other clothes in the machine during the wash. Thus, resulting in tears and rips. Instead, you can easily hand wash your bras and other delicate lingerie items. If you don’t have time or you’re not comfortable in handwashing, then no issues. Simply purchase a lingerie bag. You are better off placing your lingerie into the bag and then toss the bag into your washing machine.

9. Memory Foam Pillows

In order to keep your memory foam pillow in good shape, never ever toss it into your washing machine. This is because most of the memory foam pillows feature an open-cell structure. Soaking the pillow in water can turn it into soggy bricks. The worse thing is that they even tend to break into pieces and fall off if exposed to a spin cycle. Instead, consider spot cleaning your memory foam pillow if necessary or if it gets dirty. This will clean only that part of the pillow with the stain. Spot cleaning is the safest when it comes to cleaning any delicate clothing and items specially beaded clothes. This won’t damage your memory foam pillows too.

10. Excess Water and Detergent

Adding excess water to the washer’s cycle will do you more harm than good. So, if you think that extra water will make your clothes cleaner, then my friend it is not true. If you have been doing it all this while, then you will have to put a stop to it. Adding excess water (more than the required amount) will dilute the detergent. You could be in serious trouble especially if you use a top-loading washing machine as it can get unbalanced or even tip over.

Likewise, another big mistake that most people usually commit is by adding excess detergent. It is a common misunderstanding that adding more soap/detergent makes your clothes cleaner. But, it doesn’t work this way most of the time. You could be causing more harm than good since adding more detergent could even damage your clothes. Too much detergent doesn’t wash out easily. Instead, it leaves your machine covered in a soapy residue. Mostly, the recommended dosage amounts/levels are specified on the liquid detergent bottles. It is easier to pour the liquid detergent into the bottle cap. Simply, pour the liquid detergent into the cap and ensure you don’t fill the cap more than one third. This is a general guideline.

11. Swimsuits

In order to keep your swimsuits in perfect shape and in good condition for many more swim sessions and beach days. You need to hand wash them with warm water. Tossing your swimsuits in the washing machine can make them lose their elasticity faster than you can imagine. This is because generally, the material is non-resistant to heat. After you finish hand washing, allow them to air dry. Don’t put them in the dryer.

12. Clothes with Zips and Buttons

Well, your jeans, button-downs and other clothes with zips and buttons can go into your washing machine provided you do it the right way. Firstly, ensure you zip the zippers right to the top to prevent scratching the inside of your machine. Secondly, also do this to avoid your intricate clothing from ripping/tearing off. Thirdly, ensure you unbutton all the buttons. And if you don’t do so then there is a risk of the buttons getting damaged. Besides this, the button holes can also tear.

13. Throw Blankets

In order to maintain the quality of your throw blankets, do them a favour by not putting them in the washing machine. This is because the throw blankets tend to lose their softness and comfort feel. Additionally, it could even shrink. Although, this depends upon the material, you need to avoid machine wash. Ensure you always check the tag, if it is mentioned as “dry clean only”, then go ahead and give it for dry cleaning. This will keep it in good shape. If there is no dry clean mentioned then you need to hand wash them. Follow the instructions.

14. Embellished Clothes

Anything and everything with glitter shouldn’t go into your washing machine. When embellishments such as sequins, beads, appliques, embroidery, yarns, ribbons and more are sewn on the clothing, it can tear off easily in the washing machine. And, if the embellishments have been glued then the intensity of the hot water will break down the adhesive. Hence, consider hand washing as it is the safest method to keep your embellished clothes in good condition for a longer time.

Things that should never go in your washing machine

Peace of Mind!

Say goodbye to all those problems that you would face with your washing machine. Your washing machine is definitely going to be in a good condition now. And most importantly, you will save your clothes and other items from getting damaged. Breathe a sigh of relief. Henceforth, you will experience peace of mind whenever it is laundry time. No more confusion. If you are looking to upgrade your washing machine and need help in searching for the best one for you, then take a look at some of the best washing machine brands UAE. This complete guide will provide you with all the information regarding washing machines.

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