11 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid Making with your Stand Mixer

Are you one of those stand mixer users who often face issues with its performance, then here are 11 common mistakes that you might be making while using this kitchen appliance. The recipes you try out in this appliance don’t turn out the way you expected them to? Do you feel something is wrong with it? NO, nothing is wrong with your stand mixer, it is those common mistakes you make while using this appliance. Don’t fret, you’re not alone in this. We are here to get you out of this situation. Simply read through these 11 ways that we have penned down for you. These will show you where you are going wrong and how you can change that. So, not just the mistakes, but also the solutions to help you use it the right way. We bet you’re going to thank us for this information later.

common mistakes stand mixer

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1. Starting your Stand Mixer on a High Speed

We understand that sometimes you are very excited to prepare a meal for your family or bake something scrumptious for your guests. However, there is nothing worse than putting your ingredients into the stand mixer bowl and then starting it at a high speed. No matter which ingredients you have added in the bowl, whether it is butter, flour, milk or any other ingredient, it will spread all over your platform or kitchen. Additionally, you’re at a higher risk of ruining the recipe with inaccurate measurements.

In order to avoid spattering and messing up things, always start the stand mixer at the lowest speed. Start mixing at a low speed and then increase the speed gradually to a higher level. This will help you keep the process safe and also allow the ingredients to blend a little before you get going.

2. You Forget to Chill the Bowl and Beater

Not chilling the bowl won’t whip the cream well. Hence, in order to whip up the fluffiest and loftiest whipped cream, the bowl needs to be cool which is why chilling it is mandatory. Simply toss the bowl and the beater into the freezer for a few minutes. Also, this touch of cold will aid you in reaching all the perfectly stiff peaks quickly.

3. Ignoring or Not Testing the Beater-to-Bowl Clearance

You are making a big mistake if you are not testing the bowl clearance especially the beater-to-bowl clearance. If you have never tested it, then it is worse. When the clearance is too high, it results in chunks of unmixed batter. On the other hand, a clearance that is too low tends to scratch the bottom of your bowl. Also, the bottom of the beater should not touch the bottom of the bowl. However, it shouldn’t be too far away as well.

Getting it perfect indicates better mixing as well as stopping lesser times to scrape it with a spatula. You’re lucky since you can fix it easily. In case your stand mixer has a tiny screw on the head then turn it a little bit at a time. You need to do this until the stand mixer has proper clearance. To be on the safer side, ensure you check the user manual and look out for instructions on how to make an adjustment. 

4. Plugging your Stand Mixer into a Power Strip

Plugging a few or all of your kitchen appliances into a power strip (extension cord) is something we usually tend to do. However, it is not safe to do so especially with stand mixers as they utilise a considerable amount of energy. Therefore, plugging your stand mixer into a power strip can damage its motor permanently. Also, when the power is transmitted through the cord, it may increase the risk of fire. Hence, you should play it safe by plugging your stand mixer directly into a wall outlet. 

5. Utilizing the Wrong Attachment

Although there are many stand mixer attachments, the most common ones or the ones used the most are the wire whip, flat beater and dough hook. Each of these stand mixer attachments is designed for a specific purpose. The flat beater is a perfect attachment for mixing cookie dough and batter together. Next, the wire whip frosts your stuff quickly and also caters to your egg whites and heavy cream. Additionally, the dough hook kneads the bread dough excellently. Making use of a wrong attachment on a recipe may or may not damage your machine, but it can definitely affect it by reducing its life span or breaking/damaging the attachment. 

Also, consider upgrading to a silicone scraper blade for the best results. This is none other than a beater that scrapes the edges of the bowl. Thus, saving you the hassle of stopping the stand mixer and doing this by yourself. 

Stand mixer mistakes to avoid making

6. Not Reading the User Manual

Whenever you purchase any kitchen appliance, it is mandatory and safe to read the user manual. The same thing implies with your stand mixer as well. No matter what, don’t ever miss out on reading the user manual. Even if you’re an expert in operating stand mixers, you ought to read the user manual thoroughly as it works as a guide and contains a lot more that you need to know. Also, your previously used stand mixer may differ from your current one in terms of functionality. So, you might create problems for yourself by using it and adding stuff to it just like your old stand mixer.

Another example would be the quantity of flour that your stand mixer would be able to handle at a time. The user manual is your best friend in situations like these. Moreover, it will also help you figure out whether you can double or triple up on recipes or not. 

7. Utilizing the Stand Mixer Only for Baking

Whether you are a professional baker or a baking enthusiast, if you are using your stand mixer only for the purpose of baking, then it’s not worth it. This is one of the common mistakes people tend to make you should avoid making with your stand mixer. This is because it is capable of doing much more besides making brownies and whipping cakes. You can mix dips, shred meat, mash potatoes and a lot more with this super versatile kitchen appliance. 

8. You Don’t Use a Splashguard

If you often end up with egg whites in your hair or any instance where cake batter splashed on your clothes, then it is because you are not using a splash guard. Even when you start preparing similar stuff and trying out similar recipes at a low speed, still the dry ingredients and batter tend to fly around in your kitchen. In order to minimize the risk, you need to purchase a splash guard. Consider purchasing this pouring shield for your stand mixer. Its biggest benefit is that it helps you add ingredients without making a mess. Yes, it minimizes splatter thus providing ease of use and maintaining cleanliness.

9. Not Storing your Stand Mixer Appropriately

Once you are done using the stand mixer, you may be leaving it out on the counter. However, when this is not possible for you, you can store your stand mixer in a chest-height cabinet. When you store the stand mixer too high or too low, you are at a higher risk of dropping it or injuring yourself or any of your family members. Also, you need to ensure that you store the stand mixer upright and not on its side. 

10. Scraping while Mixing

When the stand mixer is on, don’t be in a rush to use a spatula. Even if the recipe that you are trying out instructs you to use a spatula to scrape constantly as you beat, don’t do so. Now, the reason we are telling you not to get tempted to do so is that the spatula can get caught in the beaters. This can twist them out of shape. Hence, the best thing you can do is turn off the stand mixer and then use the spatula to scrape.

11. Not Spinning Off Any Excess Mixture

After you are done mixing, raise the beaters above the surface of the food slightly. Next, begin running the stand mixer. Start on low speed, gradually increase the speed to a high level and then spin-off any excess mixture. This will help you take the beaters for a spin. 

How to use a stand mixer the right way

Take Care of this Masterpiece!

What a relief, you may have said after reading all this. So, among these common mistakes, which ones did you make with your stand mixer? We are sure that you have experienced one or more of these if not multiple times then at least once. Or quite often maybe. Consider this article to be your perfect guide the next time you use the stand mixer. You will find your stand mixer functioning well and providing you with the best results if you follow everything that is given here. Additionally, it would be great if you know the best stand mixer hacks which will prove how valuable this appliance this and what and how you can do so much with it.

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