11 Ayurvedic Immunity Boosters you can Buy in Dubai

In these troubled times, Ayurvedic immunity boosters are the best go-to option in Dubai. Which can help keep you fit and fine. Especially during the pandemic. When sneezing leave alone getting sick is not a good sign. Therefore look no further as ayurvedic medicine-also know as Ayurveda- is here to help.

Why ayurvedic immunity boosters in Dubai you ask? Mainly because Ayurveda uses components from nature to cure and treat illnesses. Which ultimately means no side effects in the long run. Besides that, this medical practice has been prevailing for a very long time. Making it safe and reliable. In terms of reliable, ayurvedic medicines work as a permanent cure since it targets the root of sickness. Furthermore, Ayurveda is much less expensive and pro-environment. So, why not?!

Herb Essential Shatavari Powder

This Shatavari powder is also known as asparagus Racemosus. Which is especially good for women as it helps to tone and nourishes the reproductive system. But even though, it is good for men as well since this powder helps boost immunity and is rich in vitamin A. This Ayurveda powder is natural and is in the Indian Ayurveda practice. Besides that, this powder has many other uses to keep your healthy at all time.

Kapiva Aloe Vera + Amla Juice

The use of Amla and Aloe Vera is only from fresh ones so you get a natural and safe juice. Every ingredient is prepped and mixed under hygienic conditions. Moreover, you have no adulteration, but original flavours and sweetness. This mix allows you to have the much-needed detox every day. As this herbal extract has a whole lot of health benefits. Some of which include improved digestion and metabolism which in turn helps in weight loss. Thus making you fit from the inside out. Get this 1-litre bottle for around AED 70.

Oladole Natural Amla Powder

The use of Amla or Gooseberry in this powder is nothing but the best tree-ripened berries. Which are dried and then ground. Using no added flavour and preservatives makes it completely safe and healthy with unique flavours. And not to mention nutrients for your health. These berries are a great source of Vitamin C. Which helps to pump-up your immunity and also rejuvenates your body with the needed antioxidants. This powder will taste best mixed with fruits and fruity flavours. Thus making it a good breakfast as well as snacking ingredient. All this and yet it cost only around AED 50.

Himalaya Ashvagandha Tablets

A good supplement to boost your energy levels and reduce stress. Which in turn can help you sleep better. These food supplements are great and have no side-effects since it is free from preservatives, added colours, sugar and dairy ingredients. Moreover, every ingredient is 100% natural, organic and vegetarian. Get these 60 capsules at the approximate rate of AED 50.

Herb Essential Turmeric Tablet

Turmeric, Haldi or Curcumin whatever you may call it the properties of this plant remains the same. Since a very long time, this plant is known to have medicinal properties. Especially because it has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Moreover, it also has antimicrobial properties. All this helps in protecting the cells from damage and boosts immunity as well. These capsules are 100% herbal with no added artificial ingredients. At the rate of around AED 50, you get a set of 2 bottles. Each containing 60 tablets of 500mg.

Dhootpapeshwar Swamala Chywanprash

This 500gms of this Swamala Chywanprash is a good and natural mix to boost your health and the nutritional requirements of the body. Regular consumption of this mix gives you vitamin C. Which helps to keep the body strong and fit. Especially, by promoting cell regeneration and development. This immunity booster also makes sure you have a good mental and physical wellbeing. The amla in the mix helps soothe acidity, insomnia and other illnesses. Furthermore preventing them from coming back. And it is available for around AED 100.

Eastern Chukku Kappi Coffee

Yes, a morning coffee as one of the ayurvedic immunity boosters in Dubai. Kick-start your morning with the dry ginger coffee that will keep you fit and healthy. With a very tasty sweet and spicy taste with no added preservatives nor flavours or colours. Proving you with comfort from nasal congestion, slight cold or fever and even reliefs throat infection with just one cup. This 150g of coffee is available at around AED 10.

Himalaya Wellness Triphala

This pack of 60 tablets gently helps relieve constipation. Moreover, helps in the detoxification of the bowel and promotes the bowel movement. Which will make you fit from within. Furthermore, a bonus is that with this pack you will get a free 100gm Rajam dry ginger coffee powder. Which is good to relieve colds and congestions. And to find that both these are available for around AED 60 is a great catch.

Leeve Dry Fruits Candy

Not every medicinal item you eat should be boring. Like for instance this dry fruit Amla candy of 400gm. Made with the best quality of amla to tingle your taste buds and packed in hygienic conditions. Delicious, sweet, crispy and crunchy all packed in this candy. Furthermore, these candies with medicinal property cost approximately AED 90.

Terzo Tea

A tea made with a ton of medicinal ingredients which will ensure you no harm and boost your immunity in the process. With the use of turmeric, tulsi and ginger health is guaranteed with the best flavours. Turmeric has been known as a golden herb for a long time. Whereas, tulsi is considered the queen of herbs with innumerous medicinal properties. This tea powder set consist of 25 tea bags at the rate of around AED 20.

AIMIL Ayush Kwath Powder

A medicinal tea (Kadha) packed with ingredients such as tulsi, sunthi (ginger), dalchini (cinnamon) and kalimirch (pepper). The making is followed religiously to the original traditional methods. All blended to the perfect amount to ensure that you have good health. With the aforementioned ingredients, you have plenty of medicinal values. The main purpose of this tea is to fight infections making it an anti-viral and anti-bacterial solution. And is available at just around AED 60.

Try it to Believe it!

Adopting traditional and natural medicinal measures won’t be that bad. Almost nothing can go wrong. Besides, if you do take up these and you see an improvement of any sort its just a plus point for you. Unless you won’t try it you will never know it. So, take your pick and try out some Ayurvedic immunity boosters in Dubai.

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