10 TV Stands in UAE that Blow Your Mind

Does your house look too cluttered? Getting one of the best TV stands in UAE will blow your mind. At just how they can solve your house clutter problem. With being spacious and having separate nooks to hide all the wires as well. So, to help you decide on the best one for you here are 10 TV stands in UAE that are sure to blow your mind.


  • Compatibility: You can use this stand for most plasma, LCD, LED, Flat or Curved Screen TV. Bearing the weight of about 30 kgs (66 lbs) easily.
  • Height: This TV stand has an adjustable two heights option which can be adjusted as and when needed. Besides the adjustable hight, you have the 70° swivel mount. Which turns around 35° to the right and left. So you can sit anywhere and yet have the best viewing experience.
  • Built Quality: The built of this stand is durable yet sleek. With an 80 x 40 / 60 x 30mm pole and 8mm black tempered glass base for the 2 media shelves. Which can take up to 15kgs of weight on it.
  • Management: Since this stand takes up less room it is perfect for small or compact spaces. You have 2 shelves which can keep the speakers or a media player on. Moreover, you have space to neatly tuck in all the wires behind the pole of the stand.
  • Placement Idea: This would be the perfect equipment for your home or apartment if you have constraints of space. Moreover, it would suit well to your college room. Adding aesthetics and a clean appearance to your room.
  • Price: You will have to pay only AED 300 for this TV stand on the list of the best TV stands in UAE.

2) CJ&WIN Floating Shelf

  • Compatibility: This wall shelf is built for any of your accessories like DVD players, DVRs, HD recorders, cable TV Boxes, AV components, gaming systems, etc. And if that’s not enough you can even place decorative items on it.
  • Built Quality: The stand is made from E0 multi-layer solid wood ecological board. Which is eco-friendly and lasting. Besides that, you can wipe the stand clean without rusting or damaging the stand.
  • Management: The load capacity for this wall mount is around 40Kgs. Furthermore, with the box, you can hide all your cables to have a neat outlook. You even have an included door of 2 compartments which are hollow-carved so you can even hide sockets in this area.
  • Design: Elegant TV shelf built to add to your already visually appealing room. This not only works as a holder stand for your TV accessories but also as a decorative piece.
    • This makes your room much more clutter-free and clean.
    • Since it is a wall-mounted stand it does not take any extra space in your room.
  • Placement Idea: You can use this shelf as a makeshift improved mantel. Place a few family items as decorative items accompanied with the rest of your TV assesories.
  • Price: This TV wall stand can be yours at the approximate price of AED 1310.

3) TV Wall Cabinet

  • Built Quality: The use of wood ensures that the cabinet is eco-friendly and will last for a long time. You will have no problem with the texture or that the material will wear away with the environmental factors as it has a resistance coating on it.
  • Compatibility: You can store and tuck away small electronic products from the eye’s view. Devices like cable set-top boxes, CDs, DVDs, DVD players, game consoles, projectors, satellites, TV parts, others.
  • Design: This cabinet has a simple design making sure it can blend in anywhere. As it is physically a mini cabinet it can be wall-mounted or even kept on a table making it versatile and flexible.
  • Management: This cabinet will keep your family especially children safe from the electronic items and wires. As you can easily tuck in and hide cables and unnecessary items. Making your area look neat and clean. Moreover, this cabinet can take weight up to 30kgs.
  • Placement Ideas: Placement of this next to your TV on the wall making it a cabinet and not taking up space yet looking presentable.
  • Price: The price of this TV cabinet is approximately only AED 350.

4) Liszh Shelf

  • Compatibility: Allowing you to save floor space this wall-mounted shelf lets you store small items like cable box, set-top box, CDs, DVDs, DVD player, game console, projector, satellite, TV component, jewellery, collectables, photos or knickknacks.
  • Management: Containing a cable hole so you can neatly hide away all your wires and not have them all around the place.
  • Built Quality: This shelf is made of solid wood ecological board. Which is resistant from acid, fire and humidity. Moreover is easy to clean as well.
  • Design: The rounded edges make it child safe. Furthermore, it is easily wall mounted to save you space. Besides this, the stand can match with different wall-mounted TVs and yet you have an elegant outlook. To complement the style of any room.
  • Placement Idea: A minimalist item for your living area. The less you set onto this the more elegant the outlook.
  • Price: This floating shelf is available at the price of around AED 500.

5) CJ&WIN Shelf

  • Compatibility: With generous storage compartment you have display storage, perfect for the router, set-top box, DVD player, CDs, remote, projector, cable box, game console, TV component and decorations.
  • Management: You have 2 side storage cabinets with swing doors and 2 tier open storage space. So, you can add that touch of aesthetic to your display.
  • Built Quality: The whole shelf is of environment-friendly sheet and high-quality beech wood. So this shelf will never lose its shine and is all in for durability.
  • Design: The design of this cabinet shelf is simple enough to add that touch of elegance in your room. Making any environment aesthetic and artistic.
    • You can neatly arrange everything you need to make your room look clutter-free.
    • In addition to that, it takes up less floor space but gives more storage space.
  • Placement Idea: Imagine this in your living room with your TV propped up on it. And its accessories are all well hidden in the cabinets. Minimal yet chic!
  • Price: Get this stand for around AED 1320.

6) CJ&WIN TV Stand

  • Compatibility: You have multiple shelves for most storage. Fitting for display storage, perfect for the router, set-top box, DVD player, CDs, remote, projector, cable box, game console, TV component and decorations.
  • Management: The side doors and middle open space is enough space to fit all your TV accessories and more. Making your area look neat and organised. Especially more efficient.
  • Built Quality: Solid wood particle board makes sure that you have a long life for the stand. Moreover, this makes it easy to clean and keep as shiny as day 1.
  • Design: Great to add that modern yet contemporary touch to your rooms. This stand can accentuate your furniture in any room at home or even at your workplace. Besides that, it takes up less space only to give you more room for storage.
  • Placement Idea: Make this stand the centre of attraction in your room by placing it in an area in the eyes range. Topped with light decorative pieces along with your TV and the accessories.
  • Price: AED 1370 is the price for this cabinet stand.

7) Home Canvas TV Unit

  • Design: Another one of the best TV stands in UAE with a contemporary design yet oh so stylish! That it stands out and look great in any setting. Its lightweight and easy to move around the house. Moreover, it is also suitable for the office setting as well.
  • Compatibility: Decorate the area with decorative pieces or just simply place your TV and its assesories on the shelves to make your room more pleasing.
  • Management: One whole shelf divided into four compartments for you to systematically place your accessories on it. Cleaning is easy too with this TV unit stand, one simple wipe and its as good as new.
  • Built Quality: The overall built of this TV unit is of wood. So you can be sure that this piece of furniture will last for a long time.
  • Placement Idea: This makes of the perfect stand out item to add to the aesthetics of your room. Since this stand itself works as a decorative piece with its design. Keep it minimal and you’re good to go.
  • Price: All you have to pay for this TV unit is around UAE 350.

8) CJ&WIN Multipurpose TV Console

  • Compatibility: This console doesn’t require too much of space on your floor but it lets you have a generous storing space.
  • Management: With a combination of open and closed cabinets you can have everything in one place. Furthermore, giving you the much needed organised outlook to add that essence into your home.
  • Built Quality: The legs of the cabinet are made off strong wood which can bare any heavyweight. Moreover, the body uses strong high-quality beech and eco-friendly sheet. Which is also scratch-resistant and will not wear down with time.
  • Design: Make your room a little more artistic with this console with the touch of vibrant colour into your room. This console spells classiness all over as you can be more organised with this console.
  • Price: You will be paying around AED 1060 for this multipurpose console.

9) CJ&WIN Floating Wall Cabinet

  • Compatibility: Get rid of the extra usage of floor space with this floating shelf. Making it easier for you to place small electronic items and other decorative pieces.
  • Management: Make your space look cleaner with the internal cable routing clips and the arc trunking covers to have the perfect mess-free solution. Moreover, the rounded ends make for a safe shelf for you and your family.
  • Built Quality: Made from the best of material that is E1 grade high-density sheet. This is a strong texture which will not be deformed or damaged easily. Furthermore, the matte finish paint makes the shelf stain proof and easy to clean.
  • Design: Pair this floating shelf with any wall-mounted TV to uplift the ambience of your home. Giving it that touch of fancy yet elegant outlook. Moreover, you can use this shelf for more than just a TV stand. This is because of the stylish looks, you can use it as a decorative item as well.
  • Placement Idea: The touch of asymmetry will give your wall and TV a bit of edge for you to display a few decorative pieces along with the accessories of the TV.
  • Price: Get this fancy shelf for around AED 930.

10) Kemeng TV Cabinet

  • Compatibility: Set-up your home decorating items and even your discs, remotes, CD, magazines or books in place with the spacious room available with this cabinet.
  • Design: Bring back the elegance of the past with this mid-century TV stand. Throw in that touch of retro in your modern home to mix it up and add a little personality to your home with this TV cabinet. Even after being retro-inspired, you have a ting of eclectic modern to this piece of furniture.
  • Built Quality: To match with any interior style you have this cabinet in grey and is made in wood-grain top. Adding charm to any living space.
  • Management: The use of good quality material has lead to the thicker upper plate. So, this cabinet can take up the weight of your TV within the range of 80 Kgs. Whereas the cabinets below take up the weight up to 20 Kgs easily.
  • Price: You would only have to pay approximately AED 3600 for this TV cabinet.

No Mess Only Compliments

There you have it, the list of the best TV stands in UAE. To help you get your home much more organised. With a wide variety of TV stands in UAE available, you can mix and match and try to choose and redecorate your home. Leaving you with compliments towards your home. If you were also thinking to get a new TV then check out the best television in UAE.

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