10 Things you Can Clean with your Garment Steamer

Do you know of all the things your garment steamer can clean? We don’t think so or you wouldn’t be here in the first place. We all know what is a garment steamer and the purpose of the device. Even if you don’t the name says it all. Now don’t you worry we got you covered and ready to know all the things you can do and clean with this garment steamer. To ensure to get the best out of this appliance. Therefore making it handy for more than just travel occasions and garment steaming.

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1. Get a spotless car inside out

Yes, you can clean your car inside as well as outside without any hassle. There are times when you accidentally spill or drop something in your car. Leaving behind a stain or even odor. For exactly these times you can easily clean your car with this garment steamer. Since the steam can remove stains and odors from the seats as well as the floor mats without you having to struggle to get them out.

2. Furniture and upholstery cleaning

Just like how you are cleaning your car, you can clean your furniture as well as upholstery from your home. Since steam is the best way to clean and deodorize the fabric on your furniture and any other upholstery. All that you would have to do is let the steam sink into the item breaking it from within. After you have steamed it, you can go ahead and take a clean cloth and blot the area until clean. You might have to repeat the process depending on the stain.

3. Sanitize Surfaces

Most garment steamers have an intensity that can be adjusted according to your needs. Any temperature greater than 212F can be used to sanitize surfaces. As you can never be too safe with the germs and viruses harboring around in your home. Sanitize any area with this garment steamer with no damage and without the use of any harmful chemical compounds.

4. Get rid of bathroom grime

Even after cleaning your bathroom on a daily basis, you can be left behind with pesky stains and mildew. This will help you to loosen and get rid of any dirt and grout accumulated. Even your ceramic tiles, natural stone walls and doors, and even plumbing fixtures can be rid of any scum easily with the steam. All you have to do is steam the area before you go ahead and clean everything. Furthermore, the steam will remove any odors, kill bacteria or mold. Leaving your bathroom entirely sanitized and sparkling clean after every cleaning session.

5. Clean your kid’s toys

It is essential for you to ensure that your kid’s playthings are clean. Especially your toddlers who tend to put everything they touch in their mouths. With these toys too there can be areas where there are bacteria and germs. This is why you can simply swap some toys and get them cleaned with the help of your garment steam cleaner. The high temperature of the steam will remove and kill out any viruses from the surface without the use of harmful chemicals. You can use this cleaning method only on plastic and stuffed animals. Using this steaming appliance on books, painted wooden toys or any other toys which have paper decals can damage and even spoil the toys.

6. Sparkle your glass

Cleaning glass like your windows, a glass table, mirrors, or even the windows of your car can be annoying. Since every time you touch it, you would behind a stain, lint, or some smudge. But now you wouldn’t have to worry as if you get yourself a garment steamer this is one of the things you can clean with it. The blasting stream will blow off any dirt or other residue from your glass. Just make sure to avoid any worse smudges to wipe off the glass surface with a microfiber lint-free cloth.

7. Clean your carpet, bedding, and curtains

Pulling down curtains and getting on all fours just to clean your carpet is tiring and troublesome. With the garment cleaner, you can be spared from all this trouble. You can now cut down the cleaning time of these items in your home as this appliance can not only remove the dirt and dust but also get rid of any stains and stench which might have been lingering on them. Even from your carpet which stains easily making it the best cleaning tool for your home.

Not to mention it can get rid of any crease lines and wrinkles from any of the said items. Besides that, using the garment steamer on your bedding can help you warm up the sheets and remove any stains or stench from your mattress as well. Just remember to allow the mattress to dry before you put on the sheets back again. And also be aware if your curtains or carpet isn’t marked “dry clean only”; if it is then do not steam clean any of them.

8. Kitchen Cleaning

Now cleaning can become easier. Even if this isn’t the purpose of this device, the steam emitted can be used to degrease surfaces. Any greasy area like a kitchen counter, a cooking dish, and even the gas stovetop can be cleaned. Just ensure if it’s of glass not to keep the temperature too high. The grease can include build-up and also baked-on grime. All you have to steam the area and have a microfiber cloth to wipe it down after. With this, you wouldn’t be putting in too much muscle strength, and no need for any cleaner too.

Furthermore, if you don’t use a self-defrost fridge you can use the steam of the clothes steamer to loosen the ice build-up quicker. But it would be advisable for you to take necessary precautions since, after all, it is an electrical appliance next to the water. Be sure to have a cloth and a dish to collect the ice which melts. This way you can get rid of stains and freshen up your fridge as well in the process.

9. Melt adhesives away

Ever had instances where you need to get stickers or labels off some jar or a glass? Or even get rid of wallpaper? And if you tried to peel it off you know the struggles. But with a garment steamer, you can work your magic on all these objects to get rid of these adhesive stickers. Make sure to use it with caution as you wouldn’t want to heat a jar too much that it cracks or even when you are using the steamer on something made of particleboard and even any unpainted surfaces. If you are trying to get rid of adhesive from fabric make sure you use a stain remover after you remove the adhesive off.

10. Unclog your pipes

Little did you know you can use your clothes steamer to unclog your kitchen pipes as well. This is in case if your pipes are blocked with oily build-ups and other grime. By simply pointing your high-temperature steam in its direction you can these pipes unclogged and free from this build-up. Therefore having it working normally in almost no time, that too without having you to call a plumber to fix your pipes!

Cleaning your Garment Streamer

After you use this device- garment steamer to clean things, it is your task to get the garment steamer cleaned. Since the water has minerals that deposit on the inside of the device. And if it’s not cleaned on time it could damage your appliance. Therefore make sure to clean the steamer at the most within 3 months. This cleaning task can be done with simple ingredients such as water and a little vinegar.

  • You’d need to mix around 3 parts of water to one part white vinegar.
  • Fill the steamer up as you would normally do but with the vinegar and water solution. Make sure you don’t cross the maximum capacity of the reservoir.
  • After which you turn the steamer on and let it heat up with the liquid. Leave the appliance running, until the liquid reaches around half the capacity. Allowing it to release the steam as it normally would.
  • Once that is done you can unplug the device and let it cool down (that is within an hour).
  • After which, you can discard the vinegar solution.
  • If you still see any mineral deposits left behind you can repeat the process. Although make sure to not reuse the solution and that you make a new batch of the solution.
  • When this is done and your appliance is clean you can go ahead and use it regularly with normal water. Only after you rinse it.

Steamer For More Than Clothes

With that, you are now fully aware of some household hacks and also how to keep your device working for a long time. Here are the things and uses that your garment steamer can clean to make your life easier and not just straighten out your clothes. It doesn’t matter if you have a travel-sized cleaner or a whole stand cleaner, you can achieve all the above tasks with it. Probably you can save a few bucks in the process as well, by using these few hacks. If you don’t own a garment steamer you can check one out for yourself right here.

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