10 Things to Get You in Cricket Mood this IPL Season

Even if the cricket hype is high around you. Here are 10 things to get you and people around you in the cricket mood this IPL season. As you can never get too hyped up for cricket. With the IPL season here to give you a break from the whole global crises. Therefore, check out some cricket goodies for you this season.

IPL Cricket Jerseys

Wearing a jersey of your favourite team displays support towards that team. It’s a mark of you representing your favourite team. And well, when people wear jerseys it sets the mood right for an oncoming match and in this case get you in the cricket mood this IPL season. Moreover, who is to say you might even strike up a conversation with some other fans and make a new friend as well.

CSK: KD Cricket IPL Jersey

Chennai Super Kings 2019 cricket jersey for the CSK fans. Made of 100% polyester and available in every size. This is a good supporter’s jersey if you don’t want to spend too much on the premium one. Available at an affordable price of around AED 80 – 105.

MI: KD IPL Cricket Jersey

Support your Mumbai Indians’ team with this 2020-2021 supporter’s jersey. You can even customize it with your name and number of your choice. Washing and drying of this jersey is easy since its 100% polyester wick dry material. Available in every size of your choice. Be a supporter with this jersey at an approximate cost of AED 150 to 170.

KKR: KD IPL Cricket Jersey

Get your own Kolkata Knight Riders’ jersey. Moreover, customize it to fit your likes. Furthermore, it is suitable for everyone, since it is available in every size. It’s just like how a jersey should be of polyester. Get this jersey at around the range of 150 to 170 depending on the size.

RCB: KD IPL Cricket Jersey

Here is your very own Royal Challengers Bangalore team support jersey. Customization is available and sizes too. So, what are you waiting for? Get this team’s jersey and be a supporter. This 100% polyester supporter’s jersey is available at the range of AED 150 – AED 170.

IPL Cricket Caps

Pledge your ultimate support towards your favourite team by wearing their caps along with their jersey. Or if you don’t want to wear a jersey but still show support slightly more discreetly then this will help you. If not support you will be protecting yourself from the sun. So, it is a win-win situation.

CSK: Tecmac T20 IPL Cricket Cap

In the colours of the CSK team, this cap is the one to show support towards the whole cause towards hyping up the ambience. Anyone can wear it since it is a size free product. Get this pack of 2 caps at only around AED 120.

MI: Tecmac T20 IPL Cricket Cap

Proudly represent your team with these caps. With the blue Mumbai Indians’ colour. Featuring a 2 cap pack of free sized caps. Good quality so it will last long too. Only at the price of around AED 120.

RCB: Tecmac Cricket IPL Cap

This unisex RCB printed caps are perfect for the season for RCB fans. It has a great fit for everybody as it can be adjusted to fit any head size. The high-quality cotton used not only gives you the perfect fit and style but also is durable and good protection against the sun. Therefore, this cap is available at only around AED 125.

Team India: WMX Cricket India Cap

Even if you are a fan of IPL but don’t have a favourite team then you can get this India cricket cap to pledge your love for cricket. This cap is adjustable hence fits all. The material too is of good quality cotton so you will not feel hot and can go on with it the whole day. Available for approximately AED 80.

Cricket Themed 3D Wall Lamps

If clothing items don’t kick-start your cricket mood then a cricket-themed wall lamp should do the trick. Bringing the outside on-going cricket spirit into your homes.

YueLang 3D Wall lamp

Fix these fancy 3D wall lamps anywhere in your home be it your living room or bedroom, a hallway or even at your workplace to remind and hype you up for the cricket season. Also since they work on batteries you wouldn’t have to worry about the electrical connection. Furthermore, they are energy-saving and made of environment-friendly plastic. These LED’s stylish lights when not on work great as a display piece for your home. Fascinating right?! Get it for only around AED 370.

For Dhoni Lovers

Who doesn’t know Dhoni from the cricket world? Having a worldwide fan-base. Not really surprising considering his success in the field. Therefore if you are a part of the fan-base then we’ve got you covered.

Mobile Cover: Zoot Designer Phone Cover

This M.S. Dhoni designer phone case is specially designed for a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Made of hard and durable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes). Its lightweight hence doesn’t add to the weight of your phone and is slim fitting. The material adds to the better grip of the phone. Furthermore this case supports wireless charging as well. And the cherry on top is that it is available only for approximately AED 50.

Book: The Dhoni Touch

“The Dhoni Touch: Unravelling the Enigma That Is Mahendra Singh Dhoni” a paperback copy. Which portrays the life of Dhoni. Written by Bharat Sundaresan. A perfect read during this IPL season.

 T-shirt: Beast Fitness T-shirt

This is a limited edition “Dhoni” design T-shirt. Suitable for casual wear but even perfect for a workout. Since the material used is dri fit cotton. Which is a breathable material which lets you stay comfortable and dry at all times. Moreover it is available in all sizes for the perfect fit.

Ruffty Tees

A Dhoni inspirational quoted graphic T-shirt uses technology which make the graphics a part of the t-shirt material and not like plastic feels. This makes it a lasting quality and durable even under heat. Furthermore, this unisex t-shirt is made of cotton so its completely breathable and light. Get this t-shirt at approximately at the price of AED 60.

IPL Cricket Mobile Covers

Your mobile phone is one such item which is never left alone and is used the most out of any gadget. So, why not have an IPL cricket mobile case to serve as a constant reminder of the cricket mood during the IPL season.

CSK: NDCOM IPL Cricket Mobile Back Cover

This will be the best choice for your Samsung Galaxy A31 mobile phone. Not only does it celebrate being a CSK fan but also the world renounced MS Dhoni. The premium quality of the case ensure that there is no peeling or wearing off. This hardcover case will protect you from scratches, dust and stains directly on your phone. That too costing only around AED 60.

KKR: NDCOM IPL Cricket Mobile Back Cover

The Kolkata Knight Riders hard case is perfect for your Oppo F15 phone. Made of good durable material. Furthermore, providing proper excess to your device ports and buttons. And is available at only around AED 60.

RR: NDCOM IPL Cricket Mobile Back Cover

This mobile case will adorn your phone with the eye-catchy colours representing your favourite team. Designed especially for Samsung Galaxy A31 and costs approximately AED 60.

SH: NDCOM IPL Cricket Mobile Back Cover

Available for your Samsung Galaxy A31. A hard case to protect your phone. This Sunrise Hyderabad phone case is available for approximately AED 60.

RCB: NDCOM IPL Cricket Mobile Back Cover

RCB printed hardcover available for your Samsung Galaxy A31. Moreover, a premium quality case to protect your phone. And is available for around AED 60.

Red Cricket Ball – Collectors’ Item

Gray Nicolls Hurricane Cricket Ball

A collectors items to have is the red Gray Nicolls Hurricane Cricket Ball. This ball is made of real leather and is hand sewn. A perfect item to show-off among your friends and relatives. This cricket ball will cost around AED 35.

CSK Cricket Card Game

So what if you can’t actually play cricket with the champions?! If you’ve got these cards you can play cricket in your own home along with the CSK stars.

KAADOO Power Blast

A quick 15 minutes lively cricket game for children and adults alike aged 6 and above. You can have 2 to 6 players in this game packed with suspense and thrill. This game is licensed under CSK so expect only original images. Furthermore, they are made of good material paper and also would make as a good collectable’s item for kids. For this game pay only around AED 20.

Beach or Park Cricket Set

Indulge completely in the cricket mood by teaching and accompanying your children to the park for a cricket game.

GM SIX6 Cricket Set

A Gunn and Moore cricket set which comes with 1 bat, 1 cricket ball, a set of stumps, a bail and a pair of ambidextrous gloves. Perfect to teach your kid the sport. A size 4 product for your kids. All made from good material to play without injuring them. Get this set for your kids at just around AED 120.

Cricket Canvas Wall Art

For the ultimate cricket fan in you is the wall art. To display your true love for cricket this is the best piece.

ZXCVWY Modern Canvas Wall Art

A suitable wall hanging for any room. Especially for your living room. This canvas has no frame and is the painting itself. With the dimensions for two paintings are 12 x 24 inches, 12 x 28 inches and one of 12 x 32 inches. Altogether 5 canvases for your wall. Furthermore, of the price of around AED 150 will sure get your cricket mood high this IPL season.

Cricket Wall Art

YMWJING Wall Sticker

This wall art sticker can go anywhere on any smooth surface. All you have to do is peel and paste the sticker on to the surface. It is made if high quality PVC which is safe and non-toxic. Furthermore, is also moisture resistant, waterproof, easy to apply and remove. You can even use it as a stencil to display your own creativity. This 58cm x 84cm wall art will cost you around AED 180.


Bring the outside cricket hype into your home and life this season. Share the cricket joy with everyone around you and enjoy the 2020 cricket fever in your country. ‘Howzat’ for getting the cricket mood up and running this IPL season.

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