10 Smart TV Facts to Know Before you Buy

Buying a television shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking task. While you look for the most suitable one for your home here a few of the smart TV facts to know before you buy it. Because, why not consider a smart TV? Since they are, after all, the top trending technology. These facts can make sure you have the facilities required and ready to get home your smart TV. Have a look.

What is a smart TV?

A smart TV is a much closer device to that of your smartphone. As it connects to your internet connection and provides you with the facilities of apps. Allowing you to surf the net control your social media and stream content. Directly from the sites like Netflix, HULU, YouTube and others. That’s not it, you can control this TV with the help of voice recognition and also with Alexa or Google Assistance.

Does your Smart TV offer the Streaming Services popular in UAE?

With competition all over increasing, the availability of options too has increased from where you can avail and view various shows. Like Netflix which has many popular shows to binge on. Follow by OSN streaming which lets you watch shows as well as to select live-streaming channels from OSN’s expansive stable. Besides these, you have Starzplay, Apple TV+, Dinsey+ (content available via OSN), Amazon Prime Video and Quibi. MBC Shahid for any Arabic content. Viu which has been in UAE just a year longer than Netflix. You can even watch Bollywood content with subtitles with the help of SonyLiv and Eros Now. And for the sporty side of you can watch sports on BeIN Connect. So, you have everything you would like to watch on this TV. So, add that to the smart TV facts for you to know while considering your TV.

How do Smart TVs get Internet?

A smart TV uses your home network to provide you with the live streaming content on your TV. It may be Wi-Fi or Ethernet, whatever you use. So, while purchasing your smart TV make sure to check for the Wi-Fi supporting technology. As the newer TVs use 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology, which would cause connection problems. Besides this sometimes you can face connectivity problems for the TV. That is in case your connection is not supporting or is not strong enough for your smart TV. In such a case you will have to get a change of connection or change the settings of the connection whatever is suitable for your situation. If that too doesn’t help you might have to invest in a Wi-Fi extender for bigger homes and stronger connection coverage.

Can local channels be viewed on Smart TVs?

Another smart TV facts for you to know is that if you have a satellite dish or cable connection a smart TV doesn’t really affect that. The only thing different about a smart TV is that you just get additional TV content to watch. This is with the help of the internet connection, making your normal stupid box actually smart. So, if you were able to view the local channels before, you still will be. Or if you wish to now, you still can with the smart TV.

Do Smart TVs crash?

Since you would consider this technological piece as a smart TV. It might slip out of your mind that this TV too is like any other devices. And might hang or crash just like your phone or computer. Since they function the same way as would a computer or phone with apps and internet connectivity. With all the task put on the TV of drawing content and fetching any other information makes it prone to crashing or even hanging up sometimes. So, if by any chance your smart TV does hang or crash do not be surprised.

But on the bright side for you, is this sort of crashing was a problem when the whole concept of the smart TV had come into the picture. And now has become less common with the improvement and evolution in technology. As you have better RAM, processors and software preventing and lessening the crash risk factor. So, you most likely need not worry about this. But to be on the safer side it is always better for you to know what to do if this case does occur. Therefore the best thing for you to do is powering the smart TV off and back on again which should resolve the issue.

Do Smart TV makers give software updates?

Generally yes. Smart TVs like every other technology updates itself as per the TV manufacturers routinely put out updates. Constantly adding and updating features, fixing bugs and having security patches to make sure you have the best experience at all times. The makers can also have big updates to your TV or have minor tweaks to your system. But it also depends on that older models and smaller brands of TVs do not push update as fast as the well-known ones. Which means the newer models and brands will have many more updates then that of others. Like your other devices, you will be able to manually update your system as well, in case you were wondering. And no you will not be left behind in the updates. Because if one brand or model gets a new feature or fix the others are likely to follow as well soon enough.

Can Smart TVs get hacked or get viruses?

In simple terms, it is quite possible for a smart TV to catch a virus or even get hacked. But this is where white-hat hackers come into play. As companies are working hard to get these white-hat hackers to try to find glitches and possible ways to hack the technology. Since you could be connecting your phone and your other apps to the TV it is quite possible that this TV is actually an easier medium to hack and acquire information. Therefore, in this case, it is always best to stay alert and don’t enter sensitive information into a smart TV. Like, don’t enter passwords, bank details or even in-depth personal details. Since the TV is built for entertainment purpose try to stick to that as the TV is never as safe as your computer or phone.

Is it better to get Amazon Fire TV/Apple TV rather than a Smart TV?

You could say that all the different types of TVs available for you allow different benefits of their own. So, if you think in terms of cost, the Amazon Fire TV would be cheaper as compared to the rest. But if you want your Apple apps or contents of iTunes on your TV screen then getting the Apple TV would be a better option. As you can’t operate Apple apps on any other TV or smart TV. Then again, the Amazon Fire TV would be the best for gaming. Therefore considering all this it would ultimately depend on you.

As the main purpose of getting a smart TV is to be able to stream content on-demand as per your needs. And the best streaming platform would be one which can stream on any medium available. But considering the fact that you can perform as much as, if not more then the Amazon and Apple TV with a few more functionalities. A smart TV would be the preferred choice.

Privacy and Smart TVs

The overall working of a computer, phone and your smart TV is the same in most aspects. So in this sense, your smart TV too would collect and keep track of your activities online just like your phone or computer. This makes it possible to use this collected information and your viewing habits to target your future recommendations or even get content you would receive. Depending on the company is your safety as some companies acquire and sell this private information to marketers and advertisers.

You might think that “but it’s just viewing history right?” But to think of it you can’t really be sure if its ‘just’ viewing history. Since after all its a TV and is not really build to keep your security firewall high. Since more recent TV have the feature of talkback. Which would ultimately mean that the TV has microphones fitted inside which are constantly listening to ensure you get the best feedback or experience. And TV with in-built cameras is rare still, so you need not worry about being watched. But if you do opt or have a TV with a lens make sure it is covered when not in use to keep unwanted eyes out of your home.

Do Smart TVs and better picture & sound?

This is not in all cases. It would depend on the model and brand of smart TV you would choose. A more popular or even recent or expensive the whole TV would cost is the determining feature. As the better features and better technology is used in the much recent models of a smart TV as compared to the older version one. It is a no brainer that technology is developing and the TV producers will try their best to upgrade and give you the best of audio quality and video quality.

Still, the video quality would depend on the streaming apps as well. Whether or not they are using high-resolution technology and high brightness display as well. Besides if you aren’t really that satisfied with the audio technology the TV provides. Then you can always opt to use external speakers in addition to the original ones. That too without extra cables and that’s another one of the smart TV facts for you to know.

Wait No More

So there you have it, a few simple smart TV facts for you to know before buying your TV. Take into consideration all these facts so you know are informed. We are sure to cover everything, be the security of the TV or features in this article piece. You no longer can call your TV an idiot box because it has way better features to certify it as a smart TV. And now that you know all there is to know about your queries about a smart TV. What are you waiting for?! Go get shopping. Your perfect smart TV is waiting for you to bring it home. Check out some of the best televisions in UAE here.

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