10 Safety-Musts for Your Dubai Metro or Bus Ride in COVID Era

Here are a few safety must-have for while you travel in the Dubai metro or a bus during the COVID era. Because among the chaos, our daily lives aren’t on hold. And travelling around for work or errands is still a must. But staying safe and cautious is even more necessary while you step out during the pandemic.

Face Mask Support Frame

Wearing your normal mask can be troublesome and suffocating at times. And you end up taking it off for a minute as soon as you are in a bit of a safe spot. Therefore, to avoid this using a face mask support will solve all your mask problems.

Face Mask Inner Support Frame

These mask support frames are made of food-grade silicone which makes it safe and washable. With the more space made available, the mask helps you breathe better, prevents make-up smudges and reduces friction on the skin with the mask material. This three-piece pack has no size as one size fits all. Moreover, this will cost you only around AED 20.

Perfect Face Shield if you wear Specs

If you have specs, you know the pain of wearing a mask along sides your specs. Say no to the fogginess and the constant cleaning. And say yes to convenience and being extra safe. Especially for your safety as it is a must-have while you travel in Dubai on a metro or bus during the COVID era.

Fotoboxx Face Shield Mask

Made with clear transparent PVC visor for a clear vision with no fog. The design is such that it allows you to wear your specs much comfortably. Also, it is completely reusable and washable. Furthermore, it provides you with a full coverage to your face. And will keep you protected from not only the virus but also UV rays. And all this for only around AED 20.

Comfy Face Shield with Hat

If comfort is what you are looking for, where keeping safe should be paired with comfort then this is the best product for you to have.

XIHAMA Protective Cap

Proving to be effective in terms of keeping away saliva and other virus causing matter away from your face. Moreover, the hat feature provides you with shade from the sun and also no extra straps which cause pain to your ears. Mainly it is made up of TPU transparent material which can be reused and cleaned, causes no fog and doesn’t block your sight. Pretty cool huh? And it’s available just for approximately AED 20.

Ear Hurts with Face Mask? Not with these Grips…

Garneck Face Mask Ear Grips

These ear grips work as a soft and flexible hook for you to prop your mask on. Best to provide complete support during training , workouts and even for everyday use. The hook is made of good material thus making it long lasting. And you have six pieces with this pack costing only around AED 10.

Activated Carbon Filters for Face Masks

You can never be too sure about your safety while travelling in the Dubai metro, hence this is a must-have especially during the COVID era.

Gecter PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter

This mask filter uses material like activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth. Which is completely comfortable and can keep you safe as well. With its 5 layers protect design keeping airborne contaminants away. Just fix this 12 x 8 cm filter on the inside of your mask and be safe. This pack of 20 filters will cost you approximately AED 40.

Face Mask with Fan for Pure Breath

By now you know that wearing a face mask can be a bit suffocating because of the lack of fresh air supply. Therefore an electric face mask which has a fan can be a good suggestion for your daily use.

Lyenhu Electric Face Cover

This mask provides you with 99% protection from externals sources. And the added activated carbon filter ensures that you have clean air. Containing a two-way breath valve make it easy to breathe and prevents foggy glasses. The filtering of air takes place with the help of electric valves filters which work on battery. This battery lasts for 4-6 hours. And in case you were thinking this mask is reusable just clean the filter and you are good to go. Available for around AED 160.

No Touch Tool that Pulls Doors, Presses Buttons

During this pandemic, the less you touch stuff in public places the more better off you are in terms of being safe. Therefore, here you have a tool to avoid contact.

LeArt Contactless Door Opener Tool

A makeshift key-like structure to open doors, press buttons, pull levers, etc. Made of brass alloys and is easy to use and carry around. Ensures you less contact and more protection from the virus. This easy to clean key works brass key will cost you approximately AED 30.

UV Sterilizer Want to Make Surrounding Safe

A UV sterilizer can make sure the place you sit or the area you are in is safe from any virus and bacteria. So, by using this you make sure you are safe at all times.

Bestto UV sterilizer

The AGD UVC sterilization stick takes only 10-30 seconds to sterilize the area killing 99.9% germs. This stick is tested and approved as safe by laboratories. Using 9 UVC LED-Chip which lets you cover more ground. It works on Micro USB charging to sustain 3 continuous working hours. All at the cost of around AED 180.

Squeezy Wrist Band for Hand Sanitizer

An accessory to pair with any outfit. And which can help keep you safe. What else can you ask for?

Fmystery Hand Sanitizer Wristband

You no longer have to roam with bottled sanitizer as you can use this bracelet. Its made of 100% eco-friendly silicone so it won’t cause any allergic reaction. Furthermore, the capacity of this bracelet is around 8ml, enough to last a whole day. All you have to do is wash, refill and use this everywhere you go. Last but not the least, you will have 3 of these bracelet at the cost of around AED 40.

Squeezy Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Instead of getting multiple portable sized hand sanitizer bottles, get one big one. And then divide it as and when you want with the help of these squeezy bottles.

H&R Hand Sanitizer Bottles

These squeezy bottles are made of silicone. Making it reusable and suitable especially for travelling. Furthermore, it has a keychain and a long lanyard so you can hang it to your bag or purse and use it without having to take it off. Lastly, at the approximate price of AED 60, you get four of these 2 ounzed bottles.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Being protected isn’t limited to staying safe outside the house. It is also necessary for you to to take protective measures as soon as you are in your safe sanctuary. Measures like having a hot shower, make sure you put your clothes straight into the laundry and sanitize your purse, bag, phone, etc. This will surely make sure that you lower the chances of catching or spreading the virus into your home; especially to your loved ones. With all the safety must have while travelling in a metro or bus in Dubai during the COVID era is never too much. Better safe than sorry right?

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