10 Common Mistakes to Avoid With a Steam Cleaner Mop

Everyone makes mistakes, especially with a steam cleaner mop. A chemical-free cleaning session with a steam cleaner is an ideal and easy way to get your home spick and span in no time. With just a few strokes you can have your home ridden from grime as well as bacteria. But while you do so you tend to miss a few steps in the whole cleaning process. Or if you don’t miss anything there are a few things most people do wrong. When it comes to mistakes with a steam cleaner mop it can be dangerous for you. That is why we are here to assure your safety and help you rectify this. This can be your guide if you are considering to buy your own steam cleaner.

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1. Suitable for all Floors

It is crucial for you to know that steam cleaning is not acceptable for all floor types. Since the water and steam can end up damaging your floor. The floors that you can mop without a second thought are ceramic and porcelain tiles which are fixed in with mortar and concrete. Furthermore, you can steam mop marble surfaces and even your concrete floor. What you can’t steam mop are hardwood engineered floors that use adhesives, unsealed hardwood floors, laminated surfaces, and painted surfaces as well.

If used on any of the above-mentioned floors you can expose the ground as you damage or lift the flooring. Which isn’t something you would want. Therefore make sure you never steam mop these surfaces.

2. Skipping the pre-clean session

Yes, you should never skip the part where you vacuum or sweep the floor before you go ahead and steam mop the floors. If you do not do this you can end up scratching your floor with any debris dragged along with the steam mop. This will in fact will ensure that your steam mop does not function effectively. This also gets your mopping cloth filthy faster which means you will need to change it much frequently.

3. Floor soaking

Some steam cleaners advice to soak the floor before you go steam cleaning it. This is advised so that you can remove any dirt out of the floor without any trouble. But this doesn’t mean you need to throw water on your floor along with a cleaning agent. This will only leave behind marks on your floor paired with a long while to dry the same. Furthermore, you can even damage the sealants or adhesives used for the flooring. Therefore, you can simply use a damp cloth and wipe the floor before you steam clean it.

4. Plugging in the device first

When the steam mop is plugged in it tends to heat up quite quickly. So if you plug in the device first and then try to handle or change the mopping pad attached to the head it would be hot to touch. Therefore giving you a burn and also you could get an electric shock while dealing with the wet mop cloth when plugged in. Hence always make sure before you plug it in to check you have filled the water reservoir, changed/ attached the mop, and also straightened the cord. Just before you start mopping the floor should be when you plug it in as the last step.

If at all you feel the need to refill the water or change the mop cloth during the cleaning process then you need to unplug the device completely and then you can refill it. As for the mop cloth, give it a little time to close slightly before you go touching the head of the device.

5. Leaving your steam mop idle

As you might know that a steam cleaner mop can heat up quite fast. This means you wouldn’t have to wait too long for it to heat once you plug it in. Yet there are instances where we plug it in and leave it idle while it heats. This can be harmful to your floor as you can end up permanently damaging your floors. As a matter of fact, you need to keep moving your steam mop when you are cleaning your floors to ensure no damage. In case you come across any distractions while you work with the device. Make sure to switch it off by unplugging the device and only then can you leave it in a single place.

6. Filling the reservoir with cleaners

There are a few device models which are designed to use cleaning agents along with the water. Yet there are most of the cleaners which use only water. Devices and manufacturers make it clear that you have to use just water in the water reservoir. Since the water heats up and generates steam which is enough to rid your floor from bacteria and any other germs without the use of chemicals. If you are one of the people who add cleaning agents to the water as well. Make sure you don’t anymore. Since you will damage the device and also possibly your floor as well. Therefore make sure to check the manual before you begin using the mop for the first time.

7. Mop cloth care

In most cases, you go ahead and steam mop your whole home with the same mop cloth. This shouldn’t be the case as you should change it after steam mopping each room or when you feel the cloth has gone dirty. Mopping with the same mop cloth defies the purpose of steam mopping your floor. Since when you do not change the cloth you are actually spreading the same dirt around the house. Therefore it would be a good idea to keep an eye out for when you need a change of cloth.

Besides that, most of the time we tend to leave the damp used cloth on the device while storing it away. This should be avoided as you can damage the head of the device and even cause mildew. Hence you need to remove the reusable mop cloths and wash them letting them dry. In the meantime, you can leave the steam mop bear or you can replace it with a fresh cloth. Keeping it ready to use the next time you want to steam clean your home.

8. Cleaning the mop cloths

The mop cloths used for the steam mop cleaning is reusable which mean that it needs to be cleaned. For the cleaning of these cloths, they need not be cleaned in any particularly special way. They can be washed in the washer. Even so when you are washing these cloths make sure you only use a laundry detergent and no other liquids, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets. This cloth is made of microfiber which can be damaged when washed with a softener or even put into a dryer. Yes, you heard me right you can have your cloths be washed in the washer but not dried in a dryer. Instead, it needs to be air-dried.

9. Clean walls with a steam cleaner

While using a steam cleaner mop it might seem fine to use this device to clean your walls. If you have a painted wall, no don’t do it. For obvious reasons that you will damage your wall paint (or wallpaper). The hot steam ejected from the steam mop will cause your paint to bubble, some of which will peel off too with time and in some places might have the paint lifting off. Thus making your walls look crusty and bad. Furthermore,  if any of these things happen you will end up damaging the drywall and the rest of the material used under the coat of paint.

10. Cleaning bathroom fixtures

Although you can clean your bathroom with a steam cleaner mop. But you also need to keep in mind that if you directly use a heated steam cleaner mop on a cold fixture with time it can cause it to crack. Now you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? So, in this case, the best way to go about is if you spray some lukewarm water on the cold porcelain toilets, bathtubs, and other fixtures. This will heat the fixtures a bit and then you can use the steam cleaner mop on it. Or you can completely avoid direct contact with these fixtures to ensure their safety.

Make Cleaning Easier

Now that you know some of the common mistakes that happen with people while using the steam cleaner mop. Make sure you don’t do them. Besides that, getting a steam cleaner mop would be a good investment for you to make. And if used well would not only make your daily chores easier but also lightens your day giving you more time for other works. Just make sure to avoid the about mentioned common mistakes with a steam cleaner mop. So, you can check out some of the best steam cleaner mops in UAE.

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