10 Benefits of Barcode Scanning in the Healthcare Industry

The demand for barcode scanning in the healthcare industry is increasing day by day due to its immense benefits. If you’re one of those passionate about healthcare or belong to this industry but are sceptical about what a barcode scanner can offer you, then you’re at the right place. Read through this article and know how this device can be a saviour in today’s era. We have researched for 72+ hours to put forth the top benefits of a barcode scanner. A lot of interesting information is in store for you.

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1. Patient Identification

One of the top benefits that barcode scanning offers in the healthcare industry is error free patient identification. When the patients are admitted, many hospitals make it mandatory for patients to wear an identification bracelet. Patients need to wear this identification bracelet till they are discharged from the hospital. By incorporating barcode technology into these bracelets, hospitals can improve patient safety and efficiency. Scanning a patient’s wristband allows healthcare professionals to verify the patient’s identity and ensure that the correct treatment is being administered. This is crucial for the safety of the patient. Besides reducing costs and improving productivity, mobile point-of-care systems have several other benefits including emphasizing the patient’s safety.

Most importantly, barcode scanners allow the nurses and other staff to access and update patient medical records electronically. Therefore, these updates will reflect in the hotel’s database system. This ensures that all the healthcare professionals in the hospital have access to the latest i.e. up-to-date information about the patient.

2. Safe Blood Transfusion

Barcode scanners are widely used in blood banks to prevent transfusion errors. The FDA requires that all blood and blood components collected after April 26, 2006, have barcodes that include the blood type, product code, blood donor identification number, and source of the blood. Patient identification technology and blood transfusion safety are related because nurses can use barcodes to verify that the right patient is receiving the right blood type.

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