Best Air Purifiers in Dubai for Dust, Allergies & Asthma

The weather has changed drastically with the increasing number of pollutants in the air. Consider checking out the best air purifiers in Dubai to reduce the effects of air pollution. They also enable you to breathe better quality of air. An air purifier is a device that keeps many risks of air pollution at bay. Air pollution not only causes irritation in the lungs, but also in the throat, nose, and eyes. Additionally, air pollution is the root cause of respiratory problems and allergies. Similarly, conditions such as asthma and emphysema are also due to air pollution. Continuous exposure to it also leads to a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

best air purifiers in UAE

Hence, air purifiers are one of the best home appliances to cater to your health. It adds to the well being of your family as well. However, before purchasing an air purifier, you need to consider many factors. With so many brands of air purifiers available. Penning down the best air purifiers in Dubai will take you a considerable amount of time. It might prove to be a tedious affair for you. But you need not worry as I have made it much simpler for you. After long hours of filtering through numerous websites and forums. I present to you the best air purifiers in Dubai. The several factors that you need to consider before making a choice are listed below.

Quick List

Air PurifierType of FilterCheck Price
Xiaomi Smart Air PurifierHEPA FilterPrice on
Dyson Pure Cool Air PurifierHEPA FilterPrice on
Hitachi EPA3000 Air PurifierHEPA FilterPrice on
Philips Air Purifier 1000 seriesHEPA FilterPrice on
Blue Classic Air PurifierHEPA FilterPrice on
Panasonic Air Purifier F-PBJ30MCompositePrice on

Types of Air Purifiers

Before you see some of the best air purifiers in Dubai, you should know the different types available. Below lie the types of air purifiers along with their description in detail. Ensure you read them all. This will help you in identifying the benefits and the places they are suitable for use.

UV Air Purifier

Are you aware of the fact that UV light can create a healthy atmosphere inside your home? Yes, it can. Right from killing the bacteria in the air to eliminating the other harmful pathogens. UV air purifiers use electromagnetic radiation to the maximum for killing the bacteria in the air. Additionally, they are reliable for handling home issues that are caused by viruses, yeast and mould.

UV Air Purifier in UAE

However, they are unable to tackle dust, solids, and allergens that float through the air. Besides this, they can’t clear chemical fumes, gases, and cigarette smoke. Hence, many people use UV air purifiers in conjunction with other types of air purifiers. Doing this ensures that it covers the entire spectrum. Ensure you purchase a high-quality UV air purifier. Low-quality air purifiers produce ozone which is very hazardous.

Ionic Air Purifier

Avail a new modern way of purifying the air with the ionic air purifier. These devices are constructed around ion generators. The ionic generator plays the role of sending a steady source of negatively charged ions. Moreover, they attract airborne dust, debris, and allergen particles with a positive charge. The exchange between these particles and ions modifies them until they are heavy enough. Thereby falling to the floor as they become too heavy to stay airborne. Thus you can later sweep them or vacuum them easily. Hence, you can consider this as one of the best air purifiers in Dubai.

Ionic Air Purifier best air purifiers in UAE

Many people prefer ionic air purifiers as they get rid of second-hand smoke effectively. In addition to the various benefits that these purifiers offer, they are also quite affordable. However, ionic air purifiers produce ozone as a byproduct. Ozone is very dangerous to inhale. To avoid this, purchase a high-quality ionic air purifier. Therefore, the brand, features and quality play a major role while purchasing an ionic air purifier.


The carbon filter or “activated carbon filter” keeps the home healthier and cleaner. This filter is usually in granular form or sometimes produced as a powdered block. Since it is the activated carbon it is made very porous. A single gram of it should have a surface area of 500 square meters or more. The filter absorbs a large number of contaminants and allergens over a larger surface area. Moreover, it is compact in size.

Carbon Air Filter

The process of adsorption enables the carbon filter to carry out the work. Adsorption occurs when a chemical reaction occurs. The chemical reaction between the organic compounds and the activated carbon causes them to stick. Additionally, they are extremely efficient at trapping and removing mild spores and pet hair. Moreover, it helps in the removal of smoke, VOC’s, lint, common household chemicals and dust too. Carbon air purifiers are used in conjunction with HEPA air purifiers, although they have many benefits.

Ozone Air Purifier

Without the ozone layer, you could fall victim to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. Therefore, ozone is an important feature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Many air purifiers use ozone. This protects residential homes from various types of contaminants present in the air. Ozone air purifiers work by effectively pumping ozone into the indoor air. Iron will rust if it is exposed to Ozone. As a matter of fact, ozone oxidises anything that it comes in contact with.

Ozone Air Purifier

An ozone air purifier proves to be effective while killing mildew and mould at home. It contributes especially during the monsoons and floods to eliminate the foul odours too. Now, coming to the cons of ozone air purifiers. There are an increasing number of health issues over the years due to ozone. Although it’s essential to the living organisms on Earth, it becomes a pollutant if not confined to the atmosphere. Since ozone has the ability of oxidising, the pets at home are at danger. Hence, Ozone air purifiers should be restricted for emergency purposes and commercial reasons.

HEPA Air Purifier

These air purifiers are suitable for use in residential homes, beauty salons and hospitals. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) is gaining a lot of popularity in these recent years. HEPA filters use 3 separate components for trapping tiny particles in the air. The 1st filtration element intercepts the particles out of the atmosphere.

HEPA Air Purifier

Further, the process of impaction removes the larger particles. The particles can’t take a new direction after the particles are slammed into the filter. As a result of getting embedded in the filter. Due to the diffusion method, the flight pattern of the particles is interrupted. Hence, it makes interception and impaction easier. HEPA air purifiers are thus said to be the best option.

Let’s dive into some of the best air purifiers in Dubai for purifying your home and improving your health. Without a doubt, opt for one of these depending upon the features and budget you’re looking out for.

Rank 1: Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier Pro

This product can be considered as one of the best air purifiers in Dubai as it consists of almost all the features.

Xiaomi Best Air Purifiers in UAE
  • Triple-filter Protection: The 360 degrees cylindrical filter takes the air in more efficiently from every direction. It proves effective compared to conventional air purifiers. Additionally, it filters out over 99% particles, both small as well as large. It achieves this by using an H11 grade high-density HEPA filter. An activated coconut carbon filter removes 91% of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.
  • Dual Fan System, 4 Independent Air Ducts: The Mi air purifier uses 2 high-performance fans. It takes in and expels air upwards through 4 independent air ducts. Clean air spirals up towards the ceiling, circulating 360 degrees celsius in all directions. This fills the room before being drawn back into the purifier.
  • Monitor Air Quality at a Glance: You can use your phone as a remote to power on, power off, and switch modes. The Mi Home App enables you to monitor the home air quality from your phone at any time. It offers recommendations that prompt you when to close windows or whether to leave them open depending upon the air quality outside.
  • High-speed Mode: This air purifier takes only 12 minutes to fully purify the air in a room at its maximum setting.
  • Night Mode: The night mode enables the Mi air purifier to run quietly in the background. Thereby, allowing you to enjoy clean air while you sleep.
  • Price: The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier Pro is available for approximately AED 590.

Rank 2: Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier
  • Clean and Fresh Air: The Dyson air purifier has a 360 degrees vacuum-sealed HEPA filter that removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants present in the air. Hence, it enables you to breathe clean and fresh air.
  • Year-Round Purification and Circulation: Along with the benefits of Dyson’s air multiplier technology, this air purifier gets rid of the finest particles. This helps you breathe in a healthy environment. Additionally, it incorporates a layer of activated carbon granules that eliminate odours and potentially harmful toxins.
  • High-End Technology: The built-in sleep timer can be set for up to 9 hours. Further, it comes along with a remote control that comprises of 10 precise airflow settings. This can be magnetically attached to the fan when not in use.
  • Price: The Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier is available for around AED 2,090.

Rank 3: Hitachi Air Purifier

Hitachi Air Purifier
  • Three Operation Modes: This Hitachi purifier features a high-performance system. It features 3 fast and efficient operation modes called Pollen, Ode, and Air Purify. The air purifier can be used in any of these modes upon your choice. This will leave no room for bad odours in the house.
  • Highly Responsive Remote Control: The Hitachi purifier exhibits a user-friendly design. You can switch the unit on and off conveniently using the remote control. In addition to this, you can use the remote to adjust the airflow speed and control the modes.
  • Compact Design: The compact build of the air purifier ensures minimal space for its placement.
  • Price: The Hitachi air purifier is available for AED 640.

Rank 4: Philips Air Purifier

Philips Series 1000 Air Purifier
  • Quiet Protection: The night sensing mode of this Philips air purifier is specially designed for your bedroom. It constantly monitors your bedroom air quality while delivering clean air when you sleep. Moreover, the night sensing mode enables the air purifier to perform quietly which in turn allows your family to sleep better.
  • Exceptional Air Delivery Rate: Vitalshield IPS along with the NanoProtect Pro Filter and aerodynamic design provides an exceptional air delivery rate. The Philips Series 1000 air purifier can remove ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02 um. Besides this, it filters out harmful gases such as TVOC and formaldehyde.
  • Air Protect Alert: The healthy air protect alert indicates you when it is time to replace the filter. This air purifier stops functioning if you don’t replace the filter promptly. Hence, you don’t have to worry about ineffective purification.
  • Colour Ring on the Dashboard: The blue colour in the colour ring indicates good particles and allergen levels. Similarly, the red colour indicates bad allergen and particle levels.
  • Price: Philips Series 1000 Air Purifier is available for approximately for AED 1,050.

Rank 5: Blueair Classic Air Purifier

Blueair Classic Air Purifier
  • Countdown to Change: The Blueair Slim air purifier has a magnet timer that alerts you to replace the worn-out filter. Moreover, filter replacement enhances the effectiveness of the air purifier.
  • HEPA Silent Technology: Blueair’s HEPA silent technology merges the best features of electrostatic and mechanical filter technology. This delivers clean air with less noise. Besides this, it’s low power usage minimizes energy consumption.
  • Compact and Portable: This air purifier is lightweight in construction and you can move it around without any hassle. Further, it fits easily even in the smallest rooms. Additionally, the compact fan design and the huge filter surface remove allergens and asthma triggers from your home.
  • Price: Blueair Classic air purifier is available for around AED 1,200.

Rank 6: Panasonic Air Purifier

Panasonic Air Purifier
  • Composite Air Filter: This filter consists of 3 types of technology. Super Alleru buster, Green Tea Catechin, and Antibacterial enzyme. It inhibits 17 kinds of virus, bacteria, and allergens up to 99%.
  • Powerful Suction: It’s a good house dust catcher. With the help of powerful suction, it purifies the floor. Also, the areas around where children play. The front panel opens according to the pollution level for effective suction when pollutants are detected.
  • Pre-mesh Filter: It blocks large particles.
  • Super Nano Technology: This deodorizing filter removes offensive odour.
  • Price: Panasonic air purifier is available for AED 600.

Air Purifier FAQs

Does an air purifier cool the room?

No, normal air purifiers can’t cool the room as they don’t have a cooling unit. On the other hand, some air purifiers that have a fan may cool a room only minimally. This is because they don’t generate sufficient airflow. Neither do they contain a cooling unit that can cool an entire room. As a matter of fact, air purifiers are designed to clean (purify) the air and not cool the air.

Are air purifier filters washable?

Yes. Some air purifiers consist of washable filters. Fortunately, you can buy these as they are not that expensive. Moreover, these air purifiers with washable filters are reusable. You can use them until the life of the product. Simply wash it with soap and water to remove the collected contaminants. Hence these filters don’t have to be replaced. There’s no cost for upkeep, once you purchase an air purifier.

How long do air purifier filters last?

The life span of the filters that remove contaminants from the air is critically important. The filter life of an air purifier depends upon a variety of factors. These include filter type, size and usage. Many large HEPA filters can last for 5 years under the right conditions. However, in places with larger amounts of particulate matter in the air, 2-3 years is more realistic. On the other hand, the average lifespan of carbon filters is generally 3 to 5 years.

Is an air purifier useful for odours?

Some air purifiers get rid of odours, while some don’t. An activated carbon filter is necessary for getting rid of odours. It’s able to do so because it has a large surface area per unit volume. Hence, ensure that the air purifier you purchase includes an activated carbon filter. Without this filter, the product won’t be very effective in removing odours. Moreover, activated carbon is excellent at removing smells that are caused by smoke, chemicals, cooking and gases.

Is an air purifier useful for asthma and allergy patients?

Air purifiers are very effective in providing relief to patients suffering from asthma. A good quality air purifier will help you to breathe better. Additionally, if one or more of your family members smoke, then an air purifier is a must. The reason being that second-hand smoke always worsens asthma symptoms. Besides this, they can capture allergens from carpets too. Moreover, an air purifier can help you completely with your allergies. Yes, it can trap all the potential airborne allergens inside it. It is recommended to purchase an air purifier with a HEPA filter. The reason is that it is highly effective in removing even the smallest of pollutants.

Does an air purifier clean pet hair?

Yes. An air purifier is capable of cleaning pet hair, but only when it’s floating in the air. The reason it can do this is because of its HEPA filter. Using an air purifier will greatly reduce the amount of pet hair and pet dander. However, it can’t clean pet hair and pet dander from surfaces. You don’t have to worry about contaminants with sizes of less than 0.3 microns. This is because it can trap all of this easily within the air filter.

Breathe Clean! Stay Healthy!

As the saying goes “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. You have seen how purchasing one of the best air purifiers in Dubai can benefit you. Breathe pollution-free air in the long run. Ensure you purchase the type of air purifier in Dubai that suits your home and requirements. I hope the detailed description above helped you with the same. Further, the technologies they possess should also match your requirements. Lastly, select one that fits your budget, but never compromise on quality. Your health is in your hands. Hence, purchasing one of the best air purifiers in Dubai will benefit you in the long run. Also, in order to consume safe drinking water, purchase the best water purifier in UAE. This will keep you away from waterborne diseases that result due to drinking contaminated water.

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